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More Bledsoe and more T.O.

JJT answers some questions, and most of them are the same things we've been talking about here.

Q: What are the chances Tony Romo will get to play? Many fans are sick of watching Drew Bledsoe. As you have said this team isn't a contender, so I would think that now is the perfect time to hunt for a long-term quarterback.

TAYLOR: Just because I say the Cowboys aren't a contender doesn't mean Jerry Jones and Bill Parcells listen to me. Parcells still believes Bledsoe gives the Cowboys the best chance to win. He also knows that making Romo the starter sends a message to the team that it's not going to win the Super Bowl this year, in part, because you can't expect a quarterback who has never thrown a NFL pass to take a team to the Super Bowl. And if you bench Bledsoe, there's no guarantee he's going to stay around as the backup. That would leave Matt Baker as the backup unless the Cowboys wanted to add another veteran like Vinny Testaverde, who's on the street, to the roster.

Round and round we go on the Romo question. I guess the bottom line is that Bledsoe is going to start this week, and we'll see what happens from there. But will he use the shotgun formation more?
Q: Why don't the Cowboys use the shotgun more?

TAYLOR: First, Andre Gurode isn't that good at the snap. When the quarterback has to reach for the snap - high or low - it affects his rhythm and that can ultimately affect the play. Second, Bledsoe doesn't like it that much. He prefers to be under center. His career stats in the shotgun haven't been that great so there is often a reluctance to use it.

There's the answer, but frankly, I think it's kind of lame.

Todd Archer has good article about getting Terrell Owens involved in the offense, including a nice breakdown of the Eagles coverages.

On close inspection of Sunday's game, the Eagles appeared to give their cornerbacks help on Owens in 24 of the Cowboys' 48 pass plays (Bledsoe attempted 38 passes and was sacked seven times).

Philadelphia played press coverage (a corner on Owens at the line) 53 times. Three times they backed off before the snap, changing the look.

On 30 snaps, Philadelphia's corners played off, but changed before the snap into press coverage six times. The Eagles' blitzed 18 times, sacking Bledsoe twice, another caused a fumble and one more forced an interception.

Here's the breakdown on where he lined up.
Against the Eagles, he lined up on the weak side 52 times, the slot 21 times and the strong side 11 times. Maybe they need to mix it up more.

Probably one of the mistakes the Cowboys regret is not moving Owens around more by sending him in motion to try and get favorable matchups with the secondary. Archer says they only sent him in motion once.

The five most embarrassing losses of the Jerry Jones era can be found here. Yes, the loss to the Texans in their first game makes the list.

Read Jaime Aron, he's good.

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