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BTB Roll Call

Time for a roll call. It's a virtual meet and greet for the BTB community. If you read this blog, answer the roll call and drop us a line. I know the regulars will, but you semi-regular commenters need to jump in, too. And to all you lurkers out there, this is the perfect opportunity to jump on board and get into the discussion. Sign up for a free account and start posting.

BTB works best when everybody is talking. The regulars on the board make my job so much easier, whether it's posting news when it breaks, posting new diaries, or more likely, totally debunking one of my front-page ramblings. I invite everybody who reads the blog to post a comment not just in this thread, but take time to post something daily. Even if it's something as lame as this:

There once was a QB named Drew,
A veteran through and through,
But when the rush came,
His passes came up lame,
And the pooch, the Cowboys did screw

While I'm discussing meta-blog ideas, let me take a minute to pimp the revenue. Over on the left-hand side are advertisements, and sometimes they might even be things that would interest you, like tickets to Cowboy games. So take a minute when you can and check out some of the ads on BTB, it would really help me out, since I spend a lot of time working on this blog.

If you post my articles on other forums, thanks, I dig it. I read The Zone, Cowboys-Forum, the Ranch Report and other Cowboys sites daily, so when people respond with their opinions on my articles, its great - even when they trash me. Sometimes it's brutal out there in Cowboy-land. The only request I have is that you post a link back to BTB. That's all.

To close out this "all things BTB" thread, I want to thank everybody for keeping the foul language to a minimum. In real life, I'll drop the f-bomb like a drunken sailor (no offense to any drunken sailors out there). But I like to keep BTB relatively clean, I think it helps keep the discussions from getting nasty, plus it's good for the kids.

By the way, a big thanks to everybody who reads BTB.

My roll-call sign in:

I'm Grizz, and I promise to support Tony Romo for QB if we lose this week.
Member of BTB since 8/16/05

Your turn, make it long or short, doesn't matter.

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