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Parcells press conference 10/11/06

This is a very incomplete summary of the press conference, because the connection crashed on me a couple of times. I'll go back and fill it in later. Parcells did praise JJ lavishly saying he has better vision now, better patience, follows the blocks and makes decisive cuts, plus he's cut down on negative plays.

I don't know about Pat Watkins starting, we'll see. Coleman had his first practice today. Coleman will practice at safety. You find out about players after adversity, so we'll see with Watkins.

Coleman could play this week, we'll see. We have that option.

Keith and Pat are splitting time as the number one safety this week.

Coleman's been training hard during his suspension, I got a report on him everyday. He's been here working some of the time. Certainly I wasn't happy about his suspension. There were some circumstances that were unusual. But that's over now.

(Asked about reports that T.O. was not part of the game plan in Philly) Somebody writes something like that, they don't know how many plays we called for him, how many mental mistakes were made, how many misreads by the QB there were. 5 more passes were directed at him than any other receiver on Sunday. To explain this any further would be a waste of time.

The new staff (at Houston) is from Denver, the offense is very similar. I'm very impressed with Carr. He's taken a bad whooping for a few years but he stood in there, he's accurate and he's mobile.

Houton has changed 27 players this year.. Good WR's, they got a big back and some complimentary backs. TE's are involved in the passing game. The defense has struggled some but they played well against Miami. They've had 2 weeks to prepare for us, that's a worry.

We have to do a better job protecting the ball. We can't overcome that in a game. Giving up 17 points in a game you limit your chances. Of course I emphasize it to the team

Maybe a few more shotgun snaps in the future. But that's not the answer, the answer is blocking the other guys. In the shotgun, the QB has to take his eyes off the coverage. We just have to block them better than last week. Cut down the mental errors especially.

Mario Williams is doing all right. They had a couple of good young linemen at N.C State. Doesn't take long to see his rare size and speed. They had a few prospects on their defense, Hoyte was over there, who is here now. We took a long look at their defense.

Bledsoe is the same guy who played against the Redskins. I don't care who you were the other night, whoever it is, a few guys might get out of that, but under that duress, you can't do much. He was over .500 (record) last year and over .500 the year before that. The last two years he's been over .500. I'm not going to debate this stuff. I don't know whose pointing fingers or what. That's on the periphery.

Houston blitzed 50% of the time against Miami.

Defensive line played real well against Washington. Other than that I would like to see more plays made.

I told the team that the next 7 games are very important, up through Thanksgiving. We have the opportunity to do something. Except for a few teams, most teams still have that opportunity. I think this period will tell us what's going on.

I've been pretty happy with the running game.

Owens is not totally locked and loaded as weapon, but he's close. He hasn't had a lot of work when you consider everything (injuries).

I think if we block them well enough, then I hope JJ makes the right choice. He's now following the plays, he hasn't had a lot of minus plays. The other night we had one because we didn't block the guy right in front of him. That's not his fault.

I don't want him to get too many of carries. I want MB3 to help out. I want JJ to keep doing what he's doing.

JJ's vision looks like its better, his decision making is better, he trusts the play. He has patience now. When he first came into the league, like most backs, he just runs and sees something and just runs to that instead of having patience and trusting the play. That was one of Emmitt's greatest skills. He trusted the plays and followed the blocking. They ran a few simple plays, and he knew where to be on those plays.

We had one mistake with a RB picking up the blitz, led to one sack. Other than that, they've been doing pretty well.

When they twist (line stunts) and we don't pick it up it's a recognition problem. It's simple, I told you this Monday. These offensive linemen make it sound like Chinese arithmetic.

Carpenter didn't show enough for me on special teams yet. A little better on the kickoff return unit.

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