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May you live in interesting times

Things are getting interesting out at Valley Ranch. Drew Bledsoe did a radio show today; you can listen to it here. Here is my paraphrase and take on what Bledsoe said.

He was asked if once the rush has been getting to you in a game, does that make a difference even on the plays when the rush gets blocked. Bledsoe didn't answer the question specifically, but said that when you're getting blitzed like that, you try to do things quicker, go through the reads quicker and get the ball out quicker. (Insert your own joke here).

He talked about route-running and how it needs to be precise, that he needs to know where guys are going to be so he can throw it before they get out of their breaks. He talked about this a lot. Wonder who he has in mind there? This precision route-running was a big theme for him in the show.

Here's Drew's take on why we didn't use more shotgun. They were changing the play a lot at the line of scrimmage during the game and from the shotgun, in that environment; it would be hard for the interior linemen to hear him. That's not going to fly, lots of teams use the shotgun regularly on the road. Maybe we can send the team to the Payton Manning School of Hand Signals?

On the 4th quarter interceptions, Drew was quite detailed on what went wrong. On the Witten interception, he said the LB was running out to Witten, and that Witten slowed down to slide inside of him while Bledsoe expected him to break outside. He also kind of said that the play is always run with the break outside, but that Witten thought he could get open by going inside the LB. Sounds like the precision of route-running thing and needing to throw the ball before the break.

Similar story on the Owens interception. He said the play looked different than it had at practice during the week. He didn't anticipate that Owens was going to slow down, stutter-step and then burst downfield. He thought it was going to be a shorter route. Basically he said he doesn't know Owens patterns that well and that it was miscommunication. Here's the thing, either it was an option route, and Owens had a choice of where to end up on the play, or Owens ran the wrong pattern, or Bledsoe threw to the wrong spot. Take your pick. Anyway, it was more on the route-running theme of the show.

Bledsoe also commented on the need for the line to block the inside guys on the blitz, when running spread formations, and let the outer guys free because it takes longer for them to get to him. Go here for my own take.

There was one other bit about Owens, Bledsoe said that on the sidelines he wasn't out-of-hand or out of line, they were all frustrated and talking on the sidelines.

Segue over to the Terrell Owens interview today. From Matt Mosely's blog we get this.

Then he talked about how frustrated he was with his role in the offense and even talked about two of his former quarterbacks -- Donovan McNabb and Jeff Garcia -- in a favorable light.

"I do question why I'm here," Owens said early in his almost 45-minute address.

He talked about how he's been a focal point in West Coast offenses in San Francisco and Philadelphia and wonders why he's not more of a focal point of the Cowboys' offense.

Owens did say he received a text message from quarterback Drew Bledsoe saying, "Stay with me."

Bledsoe said he passed along similar messages to Jason Witten and Terry Glenn. Bledsoe continues to reach out to Owens, but if he continues to have problems hooking up with the receiver, his effort will be in vain.


He talked about how he'd been more involved in the offense in San Francisco and Philadelphia.

"So far that hasn't happened here," he said. "... We could very easily be 4-0."

He basically said a win over the Texans on Sunday wouldn't mean anything. He said he had a "sickening" feeling after the loss to the Eagles and that it wouldn't go away unless the Cowboys beat them in December.

Disclaimer, this is Matt Mosley and he's been known to stir things up when Owens is involved. Also, I can't see Owens' facial expressions or hear the tone in his voice, so I don't have context. But it does sound like Owens is getting a little frustrated, and we've seen what that can bring.

All I'm saying is that the Cowboys better get it together soon. The line better start blocking, Bledsoe better quit turning the ball over, Owens better run better routes or Drew better throw him better passes or something. Most of all, they better start winning, or things could get a lot more interesting out at the Ranch.

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