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Oh yeah, we play Houston this week

Brad Sham wants to remind everybody that we have a game this week against the Houston Texans, and not against the Philadelphia Eagles. Guilty as charged, Brad. It's been really hard to let go of last week, but Marcus Coleman, ex-Houtson Texan, says the Cowboys players are ready.

[Marcus] Coleman, returning to practice Wednesday on a one-game roster exemption, said he and Aaron Glenn wouldn't have to say anything about the Texans winning four years ago because last week's loss has caught the Dallas players' attention.

"You can kind of feel it in the locker room and on the field," he said. "There's a little more of an edge. Our guys are pretty focused."

And they'd better be. This is the N-F-dadgum-L. Bad teams beat good teams every week. And if you thought last week was bad, try the feeling of losing to Houston.

Think about that. We'd be in total meltdown mode if we lose to the Texans. I promise more on their team over the next few days and less on the last game.

Who's going to start at FS?

Parcells has options at the position in [Keith] Davis, who started 15 games in 2005, and Marcus Coleman, who missed the first four games this season after violating the NFL's substance abuse policy.

Davis lost the starting spot to Watkins during training camp. Parcells said that Coleman practiced at free safety Wednesday. "I'm not sure exactly what I'm going to do, who I'm going to start," Parcells said. "But we'll see."

Watching those sideline shots of Watkins Sunday with his head down, I was a little worried about him. I was wondering if he had the "shake-it-off" mentality you need to play in the NFL. He appears to be a little better now.
"Before I watched the film, I originally thought I played horrible," Watkins said. "But I didn't play that bad. I made a couple of [bad] decisions there."

TE Ryan Hannam is our only injured player.

Tight end Ryan Hannam practiced Wednesday but is questionable Sunday because of a knee injury.

Rick Gosselin has us ranked #18 and thinks we better win over the next two weeks.

The Cowboys are a .500 team and have two weeks to galvanize themselves as a contender, hosting Houston and the New York Giants. They need to move from 2-2 to 4-2 in short order because what follows is a treacherous three-game road trip to Carolina, Washington and Arizona. The Cowboys have Julius Jones going with two consecutive 100-yard rushing games. Now, Bill Parcells needs to get his defense going.

The DFW S-T has an extensive recap of Terrell Owens' interview from yesterday. Go judge for yourself what Owens was saying.

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