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Gary Kubiak talks Cowboys (plus new poll)

The new poll question is up. The last poll was won in a landslide by Tony "My Game's No Baloney" Romo, crushing Drew "Brady Was Just a Fluke" Bledsoe.

Bledsoe    35%
Romo       64%
Votes: 157

Great interview with Texans Coach Gary Kubiak on the Texans website.
There's lots of good stuff with the coach and players, you should check it out. Some of the Kubiak Cowboy blurbs:

 (on the key to their defensive line) "Yeah, they don't move. They're 3-4, they're a two-gap team, and it's hard to knock them somewhere even when you're running the ball. It may look as good as it can look and it's a two-yard gain. They don't move, they're big and powerful people and they're tough to knock off the ball, they haven't been given up a lot of big plays. They gave up a few pass plays last week and even one of those that they gave up could have been a big sack for their team, but they missed a sack right there so I know they feel good about their people on defense."

(on a creative defensive strategy) "Really you have to be sound. Creativity gets you in a lot of trouble with this football team because that doesn't change what they do. They're going to line up, play their 3-4 and play it well. You may run yourself out, make yourself be sloppy and we can't do that. They're going to have to line up on them and do a good job, just be sound. We can not turn the ball over."

(on LB DeMarcus Ware) "He's exceptional. Not only is he a great football player, he seems to be the guy that makes some huge plays for them. He's knocks the ball out, somebody picks it and runs the other way with it. He's a hell of a player and we're going to have to contain him in some way. You're not going to stop him, we just have to contain him somehow and do a good job on him."

(on trick plays) "You're not going to trick this football team; they're too well coached. They're playing defense better than anybody, not to confuse us because they really don't do a lot, they just line up and say, `Hey, here we are, that's what we're going to play and you have to be good enough to beat us.' And they're very good at that."

Hey, has Gary Kubiak been reading BTB?  Here's what I wrote last week after the Titans game.

The Cowboys continued their pattern of defense in this game. They play out of their base 3-4 almost exclusively on 1st and 2nd down with little variation in the player placement. In the front seven, the only real change you'll see is splitting out Ware or Ellis to cover a receiver. [...] Overall, Dallas just lines up on defense with very little variation and says "Come and beat us, if you can". takes a look at the Owens interview today. They're a little more even than Mosley.

If you haven't signed in on the roll call thread, then you're lame. You're in danger of being cut like Drew Henson, and then the only person who will say nice things about you is Matt Mosley. So go sign in.

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