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Peter King likes the Boys big this weekend.

Houston (1-3) at Dallas (2-2)
You want some balls this week, T.O.? You'll get 'em. Lots of 'em. So will Terry Glenn.
Dallas 34, Houston 16 rates JJ and MB3 as the fifth best RB duo in the league.

Jones is fifth in the NFL with 388 yards and has run well enough to get the majority of the playing time, but Barber is still an integral part of this offense. Coach Bill Parcells seems to trust Barber more in the red zone: Witness Barber's three touchdown runs compared with two for Jones.

This is interesting. They asked 361 NFL players who is the best WR in the game. Look who is number one.

Terrell Owens, Cowboys.....28%
Steve Smith, Panthers.....23%
Marvin Harrison, Colts.....20%
Chad Johnson, Bengals.....13%
Randy Moss, Raiders.....8%
Torry Holt, Rams.....3%
Santana Moss, Redskins.....1%
Hines Ward, Steelers.....1%
Mushin Muhammad, Bears.....1%
Anquan Boldin, Cardinals.....1%

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