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Parcells press conference 10/12/06

Ryan Hannam is having problems with his knee, we are of the opinion he needs surgery, he goes on IR today. He has some kind of condition that needs surgery, I don't know the specifics. Not like Beriault or Thornton seriousness.

Don't know if Marcus Coleman takes his spot. Have to wait until Sat. to make a decision. A practice squad TE might be an option. It would be Tony Curtis if I did anything with a new TE.

Texans WR Andre Johnson is a big fast guy with obvious talent. He's coming along pretty well.

David Carr is still standing and durability is a big part of the game at that QB spot. He's developing now, his completion percentage shows he's an improved player.

I think the Texans are on their way. Much more dangerous team now than in the past.

Ron Dayne gives them a power runner; they used him quite a bit. He's been more primary in the last few weeks. He pushes the pile, gains 5 yards instead of 2. We have talked about doing a good job on tackling him, getting to him early before he gets momentum.

Hannam's knee was a problem in camp. He's a tough kid and played through it. Once we got out of camp we thought it would improve. Once the workload lessened, but that didn't seem to be the case, to the point of where I thought maybe he's just tired form the work in the summer. But as it went, I couldn't rely on the player, not enough to play him in the games.

Polite is doing fine. You don't make moves until Friday after practice.

I don't feel there are more distractions this year. Obviously there have been some things but they haven't been a factor.

Haven't decided on FS. I think both of them will play.

I'd like to see improvement from several players on our defensive line, not just Canty. My expectations are higher for a couple of guys.

What I'm looking for in Watkins is to see if there is any psychological effect. I don't want him to go into a shell. He's a pretty introverted kid; it's tough to get much out of him. He's not seeing the ball thrown, that was his problem. Playing center field you have to see the ball thrown in a direction. He went in the wrong direction before it was thrown. It's important to anticipate but you have to know where it's going, you get one step out of position and you miss the play.

(The reporters jumped on the "shell" comment and kept asking about it). Delete the word shell, I should've never used it. The better way of putting it was I was just wondering what his confidence level will be. I'm just getting a sense of it in practice. It was a mistake to use the word shell.

I'm concerned about turnovers. We have to correct that, or we'll lose.

Not all of the line played badly. The guy you guys were worried about on the line was the RT, but they didn't get to the QB in the game on him. We have had some problems on the other side of the line, that is correct.

It wasn't all Flozell, we had problems on the left side of the line. Not all his doing. Some of it was. I think we can do better, I've seen those players do better before. I know we will give up some sacks, but we need to minimize them, but more importantly we can't turn the ball over.

McQ may be an option at some point, but not right now.

Ratliff is doing OK, he brings high energy, good in the wedge on kick off returns, and in the nickel. Pleased with him except the celebration penalty.

We are not going to win giving up big plays on defense. That game was elementary to dissect. We put ourselves in bad positions all game, but we still had a chance which is encouraging. You know how often you win with a -3 turnover margin? You win 9% of the time, since 1978.

No comment on Terrell. Don't want to talk about him anymore, I'm tired of it.

I don't think we'll take two kickers.

Skyler Green I think is in the right position now (running back).

I think the Texans are doing good with transitioning their defensive scheme with the players they have. Anthony Weaver was a good  pickup, Seth Payne has played the defense before, the kid at middle linebacker from Alabama is filling in nicely. They have a couple of guys they probably like as players but don't know where they fit in, sort of like we had in Greg Eliis.

We were sluggish yesterday in practice, but we were perky today. We still use the squawk box at practice set for 2.5 seconds. (The horn for the QB's to release the ball)

JJ is not quite like anybody I've had before. He's a little different than any runner I've had. He's improved; he's not running on instincts, he's eliminated negative plays. He's business like, professional, good listener, understands the concepts now. I'm just trying to get him further down the road as a runner. First part was here's the play, the concept and then get him to follow the play. Now we are into advanced technology. I try to give him a vision process, a sequence of things to do before the play, at the beginning of the play and after play has started. He can handle it now. We just talked about one play in the Eagles game. He got 9 yards but it could've been 25 yards, and he knows the exact play I meant and exactly why he didn't get 25 yards. His vision wasn't in the right spot. But he's doing less things wrong and more things right, he's learning his ABC's, but it's hard to do. Instincts conflict with discipline. Once they get that, then you get a heck of a back. Curtis Martin finally got that.

Told the team we have enough players, enough athletes, to have success, I'm just not sure what the team is about yet. I'm hopeful, not disappointed.

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