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Parcells press conference 10/13/06

Marcus Coleman looks like he's in good condition, not sure if he'll make the roster this week or not. He could play corner if needed, but we have him at safety.

I could add two more players to the roster this week. Suisham might clear waivers so we'll see what happens with him. There's a chance he could go to the practice squad.

I would like to get Witten more involved, he's had a couple of drops which would've helped his production so far. Teams are paying more attention to the TE's now, it's getting more congested for them in the middle.

(Is the moratorium over on T.O. questions)? No, and that's a good word for it.

No decision on FS yet. Watkins is doing OK, we'll see. Every young player has difficult times early in their career. We'll see how he responds.

I`m starting to see good things in practice from Skyler Green. He is looking more like the player that we drafted. He was a little immature when he got here, a little delusional about what his role would be. But to his credit he's snapped out of it. We always envisioned him as a specialty player, never with the intention as a full-time WR, we would maybe line him up there on specialty plays. (Said he's in the right spot at running back now).

Troy Brown was a more productive player in college catching passes, he had 106 catches. Meggett was a specialty player. It's not beyond thinking that Skyler could do things like Meggett. To his credit, in a very complimentary way, he has responded well to a very negative situation. He was overweight, he had strains in camps, this or that. The process was too much for him at the beginning, but it's taken a better turn.

I think he could help us at some point this year. (Sounds like Skyler might be playing soon).

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