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It's T.O. time once again in Dallas

Lovely. The Cowboys are the story of the day again. That nutty Terrell, showing up late and stuff. Here we go on the merry-go-round. Verbal spat with Todd Haley. Nice. I have to admit, this is starting to get a little tiresome. I've been all about giving the guy a clean slate, but he's getting on my nerves. He needs a TD and we need a win or things could get ugly quick.

There might be a reason behind Bill Parcells' decision to not talk about Terrell Owens the last two days.

According to multiple sources, Owens was late to Wednesday's practice, leading to a heated discussion with passing game coordinator Todd Haley. On Thursday, however, Owens and Haley met and squashed the issue.

Owens was not available for comment. The incident is not expected to affect Owens' playing status for Sunday's game against Houston.

Can the Cowboys just get back on the field and play some solid football? The mood at the Ranch this week has been a little dicey, slowly moving towards that "crossroads" moment where adversity either binds a team together and starts cracking it apart. It's not all just Owens either. Bledsoe quietly called out his receivers and offensive line this week, the talk about Romo playing, and now McQ, could be weighing on the psyches of a couple of players. Coach is worried about the psyche of Pat Watkins, heck, even Bobby Carpenter chirped a little bit last week. It's not crisis lockdown over at the Ranch, but they are showing some classic symptoms. And with Owens on board, all bets are off.

Now, this all can all be fixed by winning on Sunday. It's amazing how the things I just talked about are magnified into Armageddon when the team is losing, but are nothing more than minor eccentricities when the team is winning. Put together a couple of wins in a row, and no one remembers the uneasy mood at the Ranch this week. Winning is the best deodorant, and it also works against cancer infiltration.

Mosley is of course dialed-in to Owens' antics. Check his blog for the full break-down.

There is some football news.

The Cowboys will activate running back Skyler Green and tight end Tony Curtis from the practice squad to replace Shaun Suisham and Ryan Hannam on the 53-man roster.

Green said he will return punts Sunday against Houston.

Sweet, some new blood in the lineup.

Oh yeah, here is how Ed Werder says the Haley/Owens fight ended.

The incident ended with both yelling, shouting, "Don't disrespect me like that," ESPN's Ed Werder reported Friday.

What the... both guys were yelling don't disrespect me? That seems weird.

Owens: Don't you disrespect me like that.
Haley: Don't you disrespect me like that.
Owens: I double-dare you to disrespect me.
Haley: I triple-dog-dare you to disrespect me.
Owens: If you're going to disrespect me you better bring it.
Haley: Consider it brought.

Just another day at Valley Ranch.

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