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Watkins needs to rebound

Earlier in the week, I wrote this about Pat Watkins: Watching those sideline shots of Watkins Sunday with his head down, I was a little worried about him. I was wondering if he had the "shake-it-off" mentality you need to play in the NFL. Then the next day, Parcells wondered about the psychological damage done to him by the mistakes in the Philly game and made the "going into a shell" comment, which he later regretted. But the fact remains; everyone is watching the rookie closely, looking for clues. Watkins speaks on his own behalf:

Watkins said he believes he was replaced, in part, because of how he reacted.

"They thought I was a little down on myself, but I wasn't," he said. "Naturally, I talk to myself, and everybody has their own way of handling things. I guess, from the way they saw me, I was beating myself up, when, really, I was trying to remind myself it's the little things that will get you beat."

I'm guessing in a copycat league, Watkins is going to get tested weekly, until he makes offenses pay. Terence Newman knows the deal.
"If he's going to make it ... in this league, he has to come back and realize he's got to make some plays," cornerback Terence Newman said. "Everybody has given up a play."

The Texans sure sound like they are going to take their shots.

"Their safeties are hitting safeties," Houston veteran receiver Eric Moulds said. "They are not really cover guys, but they come up in the run game and cause problems. So myself and Andre [Johnson] and Kevin [Walters] will be on our toes out there to try and make plays against those guys."

Whither Witten? We know his production is down, but why?

Defenses are using zone coverage to combat Witten in the middle of the field more than last season. Witten is also being asked to block more on run plays and blitzes.

Witten probably would not see as many throws as Owens and Glenn, but when Drew Bledsoe is under pressure, he doesn't look at the tight end as an outlet as much this season.

"Jason will become more involved as we move forward," Bledsoe said. "To be honest, he's become more of a blocker, and he's been unselfish."

Skyler Green is getting a second chance this weekend after getting cut off the 53-man roster at the beginning of the year.

"No doubt, the switch over for me has been very good," said Green, who hadn't played running back since his sophomore year of high school. "I think it's more my natural position. It's more of an instinctual kind of game in the backfield. Once you get the ball in your hands, it's make something happen."

There's that word - instinctual. Green must be in the first phase of running back school because Parcells has told us all week when a running back gets over just doing things instinctually, then he really gets it. We'll give Skyler some time to learn his ABC's of being a running back. Just show something in the return game and we'll be happy.

Here's the real reason we cut Marcus Coleman.

If Coleman plays Sunday, the Cowboys would have to pay the entire prorated part of his $810,000 base salary because he is a vested veteran. By cutting Coleman now, the Cowboys would be responsible for his salary on a week-to-week basis if they bring him back.

The new DC Fanatic radio broadcast is up, it's a Texans' pre-game show. In this show we talk about the Texans, T.O., and Bledsoe having a bounce back game.

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