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Random thoughts on the Houston game

Let's start with Drew Bledsoe. I've already experienced the fervor of the anti-Bledsoe contingent; they aren't satisfied with his performance. I'm a member of the "keep playing Bledsoe until I'm sure he can't do it anymore", and today's game was satisfactory for me. He wasn't spectacular, he wasn't Peyton Manning, but he did throw 2 TD's with no INT's and completed 60% of his passes. With our running game, if he can do that each week, I'll be happy. And I would guess we would win quite a few games using that formula. But the key is playing under control like today against the better defenses in the NFL, not the bottom-feeders like Houston.

I understand that some fans want Drew to torch a defense like Houston's, I want him to do it, too. Still, as long as he wins the games, I'm not as concerned with his stats. We may see more of these types of games as the Cowboys shorten up the throws to combat blitzes, and Parcells relies more and more on JJ. These opinions are mine and mine only, so feel free to rip them in the comments. (Like you needed permission from me).

Terrell Owens - Bravo. Talk about making the most of your catches. He had only 45 yards, like last week, but had three touchdowns. Advice for Bledsoe, look for Owens more in the redzone. Why the Cowboys hadn't run the fade to Owens in the endzone before this game is beyond me, a pattern like that is perfect for Owens size and strength. After the controversy this week, it was nice to see Owens respond favorably. Here's to Owens keeping it together for the season and turning in performances like this week, over and over.

While I need to wait until I do the film review to comment on the offensive line, they did play better, especially in the second half. In the first half, they were struggling with picking up the Texans' blitzes, both sacks happened in the first half. But unlike last week, they adjusted at halftime and gave Bledsoe (and Romo) enough time to complete some longer passes. Once the line started negating the blitz, the Cowboys offense found its rhythm.

JJ and MB3 are a sweet duo of running backs. JJ cracked the century mark again and looks like a completely different back this year. I couldn't be happier about the progress he has made. The Cowboys are going to win a lot of games if he continues to run like he has (and Bledsoe doesn't turn the ball over). MB3 just runs hard. I mean hard, as in a battering ram. It's good stuff.

Welcome to your first NFL TD, Tony Romo. Nice to see the kid finally get in there and throw a pass. Two passes, one TD, nice going young fella.

Quick Shots: Roy Williams played a very good game. Anthony Henry played one of his better games as a Cowboy. Pat Watkins returned to duty and looked no worse for wear, but the Texans didn't really challenge the Cowboys deep. The run defense absolutely rocks, the pass rush not so much.

Turns out Todd Haley is in trouble with the boss. I agree, I said if he's a problem the Cowboys brass would address it, and they have. It still doesn't give Owens permission to go outside the family and onto the radio.

Matt Mosley says that Jason Hatcher hurt his ankle.

Cowboys rookie defensive end Jason Hatcher rolled his right ankle. I watched him limp out of the tunnel without crutches. Bill Parcells called it a "sprain."

Also, Jason Witten came up gimpy toward the end of the game; it looked like an ankle issue. JJ came out of the game limping after a hard hit in the 4th quarter, but looked to be OK on the sideline.

Texans' game recap and box score.

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