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Cowboys feeling better after win

Todd Archer has a good article that addresses some of the things that I was worried about over the past couple of days. I had written about how when you're losing, every little thing that goes wrong is magnified. When you're winning, those things seem sort of meaningless.

The loss to Philadelphia, the "Why am I here?" wonderment from Owens, the practice field argument between Owens and passing game coordinator Todd Haley and the defense's inability to stop the big play were all gone.

"We needed a win," said owner and general manager Jerry Jones, his team 3-2, "and when we didn't get it last week, it's natural to start looking around at anything. Your mirror first, but anything, then it's to point the finger. But that's the kind of week we had. It was as edgy a week as I've had."

Yup, you could tell things last week we're simmering, another loss and they would boil over. But we're not out of the woods; a loss this week to the Giants could get things "edgy" again.

Bledsoe explains:

"Listen, when you win in this league, everything is OK," Bledsoe said. "And when you lose, the world is coming to an end. You have to avoid some of the emotional swings, but at the same time, it's hard coming off a game like we had in Philadelphia. It takes a little while to do that."

OK, so we're feeling good about the win. But we also love the losses by our NFC East brethren. Even Bill Parcells loves it.

As Parcells zigzagged his way through a full locker room after his press conference, he went to a handful of players, busy ripping tape off their mangled hands or swollen knees. He told them that Philadelphia had lost to New Orleans and Washington had lost to Tennessee.

The story on Todd Haley being disciplined has now flipped; he's not being disciplined, according to the Cowboys.

The Cowboys denied Sunday that wide receivers coach Todd Haley will be disciplined as a result of an incident with wide receiver Terrell Owens last week, ESPN has learned.

Owens on Haley after the game:

"He's my coach and I respect him," said Owens, who had three touchdown catches. "That doesn't mean we have to go to lunch together, play cards together."

Haley and Owens chatted before the game and even hugged after the receiver's third touchdown on Sunday.

I feel a Rodney King moment coming on, "Can't we all just get along"? Better yet, can't we all just let this story die? I will if you will.

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