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Henry and Crayton earn some praise

Anthony Henry, after a rough opening drive where he gave up a couple of completions and had a facemask penalty, settled down to play some excellent ball. The most encouraging thing was not the INT, which was nice, but the way he started jumping the slant pattern and taking it away from David Carr. This was one of Houston's favorite patterns and but once Henry put the muzzle on it, Carr started to get frustrated. Here's a nice write-up on Henry today. Here's Aaron Glenn on Henry:

"That's what happens when you are in a zone like he was," Cowboys cornerback Aaron Glenn said. "He played out of his mind today. That's what we expect from him week in and week out."

Patrick Crayton finally showed up. It was a nice game by the 3rd WR who lives in the shadow of TNT (by the way, did you guys catch the TNT sign on TV?)  Bill Parcells made it a point to talk to Crayton.

Sunday, he [Parcells] stopped by Patrick Crayton's locker.

"Where's that guy been?" he said.

"Where's that guy been?"

Then, to Sam Hurd, Parcells said: "That was a nice play."

Both receivers could only smile. "Thank you," Hurd managed.

Getting a little love from the head honcho. Crayton was especially clutch at converting 3rd downs (and a 4th down).
The Cowboys went to Crayton three times on third down and once on fourth down. He made a first down every time except one, when he caught a 9-yard pass on third-and-10 from the Cowboys' 16 in the first quarter.

He had two first-down-producing catches on a second-quarter drive that led to Mike Vanderjagt's first field goal.

In the third quarter, his 8-yard catch on third-and-five from the Houston 19 helped set up the Cowboys' go-ahead touchdown.

Drew Bledsoe has a sense of humor, even when he's getting ripped by the fans.

Drew Bledsoe's ears are fine, and he joked that the boos pointed his way Sunday were actually fans saying, "Druuuu."

But early in the second quarter, the chant of "Romo! Romo! Romo!" began. When asked if he heard the chant, Bledsoe stopped, and his face nearly betrayed his response.

"I don't know," Bledsoe said. "I heard a lot of noise."

The life of a Cowboys' starting QB. Here's the big thing, something that Parcells made abundantly clear in the press conferences this week.
What remains for Bledsoe now is to establish some measure of consistent production. In the Cowboys' three wins, Bledsoe has six touchdowns against one interception. In their two losses, he has one touchdown pass and has been intercepted six times.

Don't turn the ball over Drew, and we should do well. With the Cowboys running game on track and the emerging defense getting better, just don't turn the ball over.

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