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Parcells press conference 10/16/06

Hatcher has an ankle sprain, X-rays negative, it will be a little while, probably not able to do much this week. It will affect the nickel. We want to rotate the defensive linemen; we felt that 65%-35% rotation is the right mix. That's what's been happening. 35 plays for the starters vs. 25 plays for the others. I'm comfortable with Ratliff, especially on nickel. Hatcher is a typical rookie, up and down, good potential, he's a pressure player.

I know that when we don't turn the ball over we have a chance to win. Started slowly offensively yesterday, even defensively, gave them some help with penalties. We weren't on top of things. I like our running game, we are effective and I like the tandem were using, I think MB3 could get more time. He's played 18 games in the NFL and has 9 TD's. He blocks well for the passer and can catch the ball, we might expand his role.

I think the line is a a work in progress. I think Andre was OK yesterday, not his best game but OK. Colombo has been a good thing, but he had a play or two that wasn't great yesterday. Kosier is solid, Rivera solid, Adams played much better last night. Good performance in the running game from the line. Julius started a little slow but got into pretty good after a while.

I view Washington as a threat, everybody has them in the coffin, but I know Joe Gibbs, he'll get them back. We have the Colts, a tough game; we have this Monday night game then a short week against Carolina. Tough stretch of games coming up.

I think we can play better, it was a good win, particularly the way the game started, once we settled down it was good. I think we can improve across the board, except maybe our punting, that's a big weapon, 75 yard kick. Secondary was good overall last night, Henry was real good, Roy's a good hitter, lets the other team know DB's are back there, he's a  big factor.

Bledsoe was efficient, he had some throwaways, he managed the game well. We were calling a couple of plays in the huddle; he was playing on the conservative side when using those plays. They had blitzed a lot almost 60% in past games; they tried us early quite a bit, we were cautious to start. Just hoping he can play more consistently. Glad to get Romo in there for a little bit.

I think he's going to have to be more than a bus driver; you have to rely on your QB sometimes. He can't do it by himself, if you have bad protection or drops, he can't do anything about that. His throwing ability isn't limited. Some QB's can't make certain throws, he can make them. Emphasis on taking care of the ball. One problem when you've played a long time in the league, you just think you can get the ball into places, they just have the confidence they can. He has to guard against that instinct.

We don't throw much into double coverage. When Owens caught that 7 route that was a safety with normal help with the nickel back. I thought Drew spread the ball well. Glad to see Crayton to get back on campus. He's been gone since the Seattle preseason game.

Owens can get more separation than Keyshawn, more speed. He's a deep threat.

Tony Curtis played 16 plays, I was generally happy with him. His first real game, it's a big transition for him, from a small college. A hard worker, he has some ability, size and speed and can catch in practice. Part of his problems were understanding, didn't have a clue on special teams. Two years later and were seeing positive signs. Hopeful he can find a spot, enough ability to be a contributor. I think he'll play this week.

Fasano played 36 plays. One of the problems with Curtis is he's a one position player. Fasano and Witten are more flexible.

(Skyler lining up too deep on first punt) That's what they do, these kids. He looked like he was lined up in Austin. He did a good job catching the ball in a crowd. He had no chance last night to show you what he can do. I'm encouraged. I want to try to give him a chance; he gives us something we don't have.

(Anything special to combat the Giants pass rush) You have your system and use it, but you pay attention to key players. Houston was very conservative in pass protection, keeping 7 men in to block. We may have to do some of the same things against the Giants.

I think to a degree our mistakes have been self-inflicted. 4 facemask penalties, that's unusual. We have done some of those things. We haven't been overmatched by an opponent physically, we haven't been physically inferior to other teams, I haven't seen that.

If you look at our team, up to this point, we have stopped the run and we are running the ball well, we've been good on 3rd down on offense and defense, that usually translates to winning. But turnovers and big plays will override that. We are demonstrating some good qualities.

I brought two guys up last week, if we have opportunities we'll do something. I'll know more about Coleman tomorrow. Things won't be status quo. We had a long meeting about anticipating problems, depth problems. Hatchers out, if I lose another guy what am I going to do? What will I do next? We need to know what were doing. I'm in the process of altering some things. We have more moving things than most right now. (Sounds like BP may churn the roster some, could we have a trade brewing?)

JJ started slow, though. The problem with me is when I see you can do stuff, I'm less patient. I just know MB3 is a good changeup, when he comes in stuff happens. He had a couple of good runs last night.

Ellis is getting better and better, but I need to rest him more.

Kickoffs, I don't know what got into him (Vandy), but they were good.

Watkins did well, pretty happy. Thought he was in the tank a little last week.

(Much praise of McBriar)

Colombo is not a finished deal. He was an inexperienced player; he hardly played in his first few years. He couldn't get his strength up with the injury, he's a tall guy need leg strength for leverage. I told him we are looking at a year from now when we got him last year. Your job is to live in the weight room and he did that, he's a gym rat. And he gives tremendous effort. He does have limitations, but so far he holding his own. Space is his enemy. He's one of those guys who don't have a bad day, great attitude; he's into what he's doing. It's not perfect but he's making progress.

Roy's hits ignite our defense. Ronnie Lott was that kind of player. Catalytic guys whose performance gets people going. He's clean player, not malicious, but he'll bring the wood.

Henry played real good last night. He studies hard. Gets his hands on ball, ball hawk, that's what I like. He was on it last night, once his confidence is going he's tough.

On the punt return, we out-kicked the coverage. I'm more aggressive than Bruce (deHaven), he played with Marv Levy and they wanted to punt high, and cover it. Jacques has good speed, we need to take advantage. What happened on the punt return was our fullback knocked Singleton down, then he tried to get up but missed the tackle. Keith (Davis) knocked Singleton down, Fowler and Ayodele also could've got him. The guys on the left fanned out correct but on the right we got dominoes, people falling down.

It's a little early to worry about Carpenter. It's only five games.

I was not cognizant of the Romo chants and the "boos". I really only could hear the coaches talk. I don't think its one thing or the other. You're in the wrong business if you have thin skin.

On the Romo TD, they blitzed the outside guy and we were running play action the other way, we had no one to block that one guy.

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