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My Gameday Experience

Since Grizz does such a great job of giving us the x's and O's in his breakdown of game tape, I thought I'd share with you guys some of the sights and sounds of the game that I expereinced as I attended my fourth Cowboy game at Texas Stadium Sunday in the past 7 years. For those of you who never had the opportunity to attend a game at Texas Stadium, I highly recommend that you do  before the Cowboys begin playing in the new stadium in Arlington. My previous gameday experiences at Texas Stadium have always been great, but Sunday was extra special and I'll explain why later.

However, before I do, I first want to say that if any of you get a chance to attend a Cowboy game in Dallas, I reccomend that you check out some of the areas sports bars. I personally attended Frankie's and Christie's on McKinney Ave Saturday night to check out the college action and  they both had great atmospheres as well as great food. As a side note, I saw Drew Henson at Christie's as he was hanging out with his girlfriend and a few friends watching the Michigan/Penn State game. Considering he's probably feeling down on his luck since being cut from the Vikings practice squad, I made sure not to verbalize too loudly my support for Tony Romo while talking to the guy next to me at the bar, as  I'm sure he feels bad enough. Seemed like a nice guy though.

Anyway, enough of Henson, and on to the game. I arrived at approximately 9:30 am to start tailgating at the Corral, which for those of you who don't know, is a very large white tent that sits next to the stadium where Cowboy fans can eat, drink, listen to a band (Vince Vance and the Valiants were playing Sunday, they're pretty good) and hangout with the world famous Hooter girls. Now that experience in and of itself is awesome. After about an hour and a half of drinking, eating and checking out the Hooter girls, I decided to make my way into the stadium. At around 10:45 am, only the kickers and punters were warming up. Parcells actually comes out that early as well to supervise and watch everything from Vanderjagt's FG's to Green fielding punts. At about 11:00 am the rest of the players came out in positional groups.

Now most of you already know how the game went, so I'll just mention some observations that I probably wouldn't have really noticed on TV. First of all, Drew Bledsoe didn't look good at all. The fans booed him mercifully and cried for Romo ever chance they got. On the one sack from a safety blitz he should have seen the guy coming a mile away, but he hesitated and took the sack. There were some passes that he flat out missed, such as the one to Terry Glenn in the end zone, as Glenn had his man beat by at least a few steps. T.O. also made him look good on those TD passes.

By the way, the fans in Texas Stadium just loved T.O., they wanted him to get the ball on every play. This one guy sitting down from me was yelling, "throw the ball to T.O.", on every single series. The crowd just erupted during his TD catches.

Now everyone on this blog knows I'm a big Roy Williams fan, however, you can't really appreciate the impact he has on the game until you actually witness him destroy an opponent in person. When Roy delivers a hit, it's so bonejaring and vecious, that you can hear it the whole way up in the stands and I mean its vecious. The receiver he took out yesterday came wobbling off the field and since I was sitting behind the Texan's bench, you could see the agony in his face from the pain Roy caused. His intimidating style of play is a big reason the Cowboys played well.

I also want to mention some players that really stood out to me. Anthony Henry looked like the best corner in the league as his coverage techniques were flawless. If he continues to play like this, he'll definitely be going to Hawaii in February. Another guy who will be going to Hawaii is Matt McBriar. This guy is simply amazing. The one punt he kicked from his own 30 and it went out at the two. Even when it seems as though he didn't get all of it, it flies an incredible distance.
I was also impressed with Patrick Crayton. He was always open and made some great catches with guys drapped all over him.

Now when the game was 27-6, the fans really started to get restless, wanting to see Romo in the game. The same fan who was yelling for T.O. to get the ball, was now shouting, "it's Romo time!" and I started a chant for Romo and the whole section was chanting, "Romo, Romo!". When Parcells finally put him in, the crowd went nuts and gave him a huge ovation. I then started yelling, "let him throw, Parcells!" Well, you guys know the rest.

After the game, I proceeded to hangout where the players walk to there cars and a few stopped to sign autographs, from the stars such as Witten, Williams and James, to the rookies, Fasano and Hurd. T.O. even drove by in his Tahoe and waved to the crowd with a big smile and head bob. I then went back to the Corral to start my post game partying, when Jerry Jones made an appearance. He went on stage and whipped the crowd into a frenzy. He even grabbed a beer from a fan and took a few swigs. He then left and was mobbed by the crowd, signing autograghs like a rock star. I even got to shake his hand as he passed.

So there you have it, my gameday experience at Texas Stadium. I got to see my 'Boys win big over the Texans for an important victory, I got to see Tony Romo throw his first completed pass, as well as his first TD pass of his career, and I got to shake hands with Jerry Jones. It just doesn't get any better than that folks.

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