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Bledsoe's day in detail

I watched the game film and will have my full review up sometime today. But since everyone's talking about Bledsoe, I decided to break down his game in detail now. You can decide for yourself how he played.

The basics: 17 for 28, 168 yards, 60.7 % completion, 2 TD, 0 INT, 2 Sacks

OK, now for detail. I won't go through his 17 completions in detail, but none were longer than 21 yards. Many of these were quick throws because the Texans were blitzing often. So even though he completed 60%, most of them were of the 5-7 yard variety.

5 times Bledsoe threw the ball away to either avoid a sack or because everyone was covered in the pattern. All of these were smart throws.

1 incompletion because T.O. slipped.

5 incompletions that were bad passes by Bledsoe. Two where he overthrew Glenn on long bombs, each time by a step. One on the wide-open pass to Witten in the endzone (he did hit Owens for a TD on the next play). One where he overthrew Glenn for a short TD. One where he didn't get the ball far enough to Crayton's outside shoulder on a fade stop (he hit him on the exact same play on the next down for a 1st down).

So out of 28 throws he threw 5 bad passes. 2 of them were really bad, missing Witten and Glenn on potential TD's.

On the two sacks, both were on blitzes and the defender was unblocked. Both times a more elusive QB might have made something happen. Especially on the 2nd one where the defender hit his foot and Bledsoe lost his balance trying to escape.

So there you have it, Bledsoe in detail.

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