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JJT: If you want to win, Bledsoe is your man

Hey, don't anyone get mad at me, I'm just passing on what someone else wrote. JJT says if you want to get to the playoffs or further this year, then Bledsoe is your man.

[If] You think the Cowboys have a chance to contend for the Super Bowl (my doubts remain), then root like crazy for Bledsoe because he's the Cowboys' best chance to get to the postseason for the first time since 2003. He is a known quantity; backup Tony Romo remains an unknown quantity.

Bledsoe needs to play better. Bill Parcells has said so. Publicly and privately. And Bledsoe did a nice job Sunday against Houston.

Not every quarterback bounces back after playing badly. Some become tentative because they're afraid to make a mistake. Others hide from the media, forcing their teammates to explain their state of mind.

Part of JJT's thesis is that Bledsoe usually won't string together bad games, but tends to bounce back after he delivers a clunker. With Romo, you just don't know what you're going to get.

Bledsoe tends to come back strong, which is important because this offensive line - a hard-working, gritty unit that lacks star power - is going to struggle from time to time. When it does, Bledsoe will look terrible and probably play worse. But understand that he'll come back the next week ready to play well.

Now, for the coup de grace insult to the Romo faithful:

At this point in his career, Romo can only be a bus driver. Bledsoe can be a difference-maker.

I know you guys aren't going to take that one lying down.

I guess I can take the "Terry Glenn hissy fit" out of the front-page poll.

Terry Glenn said his lowest output of the season Sunday, five catches for 47 yards and no touchdowns, isn't a big deal. Glenn was happy the offense was able to get Patrick Crayton (team-leading 61 yards receiving) and Terrell Owens (three touchdowns) involved.

It's always fun when a #1 something meets a #1 something. This week, it happens.

The Cowboys own the NFL's top run defense. Monday night it will meet the league's top rusher.

New York Giants running back Tiki Barber comes to Dallas after Sunday's 185-yard performance in a win over Atlanta.

The Cowboys are allowing 67 yards rushing per game and held Houston to 34 yards in Sunday's 34-6 victory.

"We'll find out what we have pretty quick," Cowboys coach Bill Parcells said.

Barber has three 100-yard rushing games, while the Cowboys haven't allowed 100 yards rushing by any team. The best individual rushing game against the Cowboys this season was Jacksonville's Fred Taylor, who rushed for 74 yards in the season opener.

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