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Parcells bashing

I was watching the new show Studio 60 on my Tivo, I'm giving the show a road test to see if it makes a permanent place on my Tivo Season Pass. Anyway, the most recent show gives Bill Parcells a kick in the marbles.

In the show, a TV network President, and her boss, the Chairman, are arguing over about acquiring the rights to a new TV show. The president doesn't want the show and is using a clause in her contract to stop the network from bidding on the new show. The chairman wants it and sets a meeting with the network owner so he can decide whether the network bids or not. They both present their arguments to the owner, and he makes the decision in favor of the president by saying to the chairman, "If you want her to cook the meal, she should be allowed to shop for the groceries", and walks out.

President: "Who said that?"
Chairman: "Who said what?"
President: "If you want me to cook the meal I should at least be able to shop for the groceries."
Chairman: "Bill Parcells."
President: "Who's that?"
Chairman: (sarcastically) "A football coach who hasn't won a playoff game in nine years."


I need some help from everybody who reads the blog. SB Nation, the company that I write for and the network that hosts this blog, recently signed a deal with an advertising company. You can read about it here. To help out in marketing this blog to advertisers, they want the readers of BTB to fill out a survey.

It only takes a few minutes and the closest they get to personally identifying you is a zip code - no names or email addresses or anything like that. It would be very helpful if you guys take a moment and fill it out; it would help create more revenue from advertising on the blog and that would help me dedicate more time and effort making this blog #1 for Cowboy fans.

So as a personal favor to me, and for the good of BTB, please fill out the survey.

Mickey wants a little peace and quiet this week.

Emmitt talks about his dance show. Has anybody seen him dance on the show lately? Is he any good? I keep reading that he's pretty good. I only saw his first dance and it was good.

Peter King loves him some T.O.

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