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Giants 'D' alive and well

The Giants defense has woken up over the last two games. and is having fun.

"Fun" in this sense is defined as making someone else's life miserable.

Hold the Redskins to 164 total yards and three points, and you've made Mark Brunell a pretty unhappy dude. Sack Michael Vick seven times to turn him into a mistake-making, confused, frustrated passer, and you've had more fun than should be legal in Atlanta.

It's not a hidden sort of enjoyment, either. No guilty pleasures here. An on-field demonstration after sacks that involves a group jump shot just starts to describe it. There's also the satisfaction of knowing that this much-maligned defense is not as bad as The Gang That Couldn't Rush Straight, or cover a pass for that matter, of the first three games.

Choreographed jump shot after a sack? Oh man, sounds like the "Fun Bunch". If they pull that in Dallas, I hope somebody stuffs the jump shot back in their face.

Tiki had quite a game against a team that was good versus the rush.

Giants running back Tiki Barber had 29 touches for 227 yards, including 185 rushing yards on 26 carries. He had nine runs of at least 12 yards against a Falcons defense that was allowing 69.3 rushing yards per game. Barber leads the NFL with 533 rushing yards.

Al Suanders needed to cut a few pages out of the playbook.

Redskins associate head coach Al Saunders outsmarted himself. The Titans entered Sunday ranked last in the league in rushing defense, and Clinton Portis averaged 4.1 a rush against them. Yet, Saunders gave Clinton Portis only 14 carries. In their five-game winning streak to end last season, Portis averaged 26 carries for 114.6 yards.

Not good.

And just because I couldn't resist, here's Denny, with one of the great, all-time meltdowns. Observe how he answers the question pretty calmly at first. Then the anger slowly builds, it feeds on itself, then the meltdown reaches its apex, followed by the moment of realization that you've just done something way out of the ordinary, and you slink off to ponder if you just sealed your own fate. Brilliant!

And for extra fun, one from the archives, the all-time champ.

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