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Parcells press conference 10/18/06

Jason Hatcher is doubtful, Keith Davis is probable, he has a minor leg issue but he practiced today.

Stanley is the new TE (I thought Eatman reported the guys name was Jason Randall) brought Tarullo back and Rector back to the PS. Marcus Coleman is on the team.

I wasn't studying Atlanta much in the game tapes, so don't know about Michael Vick much, I was watching the Giants. They pressured him, kept him in the pocket pretty good, it looked like one of their main focuses; I don't think they will play us the same way.

Tiki Barber is a tremendous player, maybe the best in the division, best 4 or 5 in the league for me. He stays out there, he can run and catch. If he retires after the year they are losing their best player, and the league will lose one of its best, too.

Coleman will be at FS, in a pinch he could play corner. When he was younger he was a great special teams player, if he dresses he'll be on those too. He gives us flexibility, that was the intention when we signed him. Don't know what will happen this week, can't dress everybody.

With Hatcher out we are going to use a combination of people in the nickel to keep our top pass rushers rested. Ayodele may play a little on the outside; I need to get Singleton and Burnett in the game more. Ellis will not be on the inside in the nickel, I'm keeping him rested.

Akin is improving every week, better understanding of the system now, really improving.

This is a big week for run support. Last week against Atlanta, Tiki broke 12 plays to the safety, 10 or 12 runs straight through to the secondary. It's not just him, they have a good scheme, very fundamental, and they run the same plays they've been running. He's patient, he accelerates at the right time, runs through tackles, got rid of the fumbling problem. He can catch it, their screens are dangerous. He has a lot of 10+ yard runs.

I do agree to some extent that JJ and Tiki run the same. If he can turn out to be like Tiki, the Cowboys will be in good shape for a while. Tiki's under-rated across the league. The main thing is he stays out there. I've talked to JJ about studying Tiki, I want him to watch last weeks film (Atlanta game) There's some good learning to be had there. He should look at it at the end of the week. Their whole line did well, too.

Brandon Jacobs is a big guy, looks likes that guy Christian Okoye. Once he gets going down hill he's hard to stop. They use him in close to the goal line but he's getting more plays now, they don't want Tiki to play 70 plays, so he gets his share.

The pass protection factors into protecting the ball, if we don't do a good job, we won't have an effective passing game. They average a lot of points, we need to keep pace with him.

Strahan is experienced, knows how to play, he's lost weight as he gets older to keep his quickness, it's a good move.

What I've tried to do with my running backs is try to get them to understand they have a bulls-eye on their chest. You have to have stamina, strength and endurance, you must be on the top level of those things or you won't last. They have to adhere to weight training and running, flexibility. A whole gamut of things. That's the formula I give to each young player. Insisting on certain lifts in weight training. These kids we have now have a better idea of it, especially JJ.

I'm hoping Witten can pick it up a little bit. He's blocking better, but we need to involve him more in the passing game.

No comparison between him and Shockey. Different players.

The Giants' receivers are tough. Amani is playing well, Burress has height, Carter has speed. You don't score points like they do without a good array of skill players. The QB has developed, playing better than as a rookie.

I would not call the Giants a throwing team; they are set on running the ball. Playing in that stadium, you have to run it to win. They have good running with good play action, and they have deep threats. Dangerous offensive team.

Our running averages are the same. Whichever defense holds up best will win the game.

Three of the Giants' coaches worked with me a long time. It's one of those: "they know, that I know, that they know" deals. You just have to worry about what you're doing instead of what they're thinking.

Having no full back doesn't change Witten or Fasano's role. Curtis is a TE only, doesn't play the other positions. I dressed 5 WR's last week, so Polite's spot went to Austin.

Update [2006-10-18 16:48:5 by Grizz]: I missed this the first time around but picked it up on a second listen after BTB reader bob maplethorpe asked about it in the comments. The reporter asked Parcells about doing anything different with Oliver Hoyte. Parcells responds we're looking at some things, nothing conclusive, I'd keep that out of the news. How cryptic is that? What's up with Hoyte? Any thoughts? [END UPDATE]

(Asked if pass protection was more emphasis this week, Parcells got irritated and asked;  don't you think it's important every week? He finally answered the question). You have to be conscious of matchups where you're at a disadvantage, you may have to give help in those cases. The Giants use Barber and the FB to chip regularly, those kinds of things. But you can't abandon your philosophy to try and block one guy all the time. If you're not flexible they'll recognize that and try to pressure the other players you are trying to get the ball to. You can help once in a while with protection, but at the end of the day, they just have to make their blocks.

Bledsoe can't worry about the rush. He won't play well if he does that. He has to see the blitzes and know where the ball is going, but if he's looking at the rush then he can't do his job.

Sometimes you do try to mix it up early against another staff who knows you well. But things can alter that, like field position. What happens on the field can change your intentions. With good field position you can try some things.

I thought Vandy did a good job and told him that would be good enough. I worry about him servicing the scout team in practice though. I talked to him about not over-working him in practice. But I don't want to give him too much attention; he might think he's important.

He made one of the best kicks I ever saw against Denver in the snow, on par with Vinateri against the Raiders. I've seen him make tough kicks.

I told the inactives that things could happen by Friday and they need to be ready. I brought two guys to the game from the practice squad last week.  Someone could roll their ankle, an if you're not prepared and ready, then the team will suffer. You have to be good to go everyday. That goes for writers too, if that's what you're portraying yourselves as today.

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