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Giants target T.O. for a meltdown

The Giants want to get Owens to meltdown on Monday. Antonio Pierce says as much in this article.

"You hope he does something to [tick] his team off," linebacker Antonio Pierce said. "I know I'm going to strive to try to make him do something that fires that team up to do something wrong. I wish he'd keep messing up that team over there.

"But you respect him as a player, because when he goes out on that field he's going to give it all he's got. He might complain about not getting the ball but he's well deserving of getting the ball because when he gets it he makes things happen. We're going to know where he is at all times."


"You see what their plan was, shut him up real quick, get him three touchdowns, next thing you know he's smiling, telling jokes, hugging the receivers coach," Pierce said. "We know who we're facing. You want to get him frustrated, you want him and that quarterback going at it. It's going to be at their house, so we're going to have to do something to quiet the crowd, maybe get them to start booing him."

I like it when an opposing defense becomes locked onto one thing. It usually means they mess up elsewhere. But the Giants brass is not happy Owens is still in the division.

Giants GM Ernie Accorsi recalls he was not at all pleased when hearing that Owens was headed to Dallas. "My first reaction was I wished he'd have gone to Denver, because ultimately I didn't want to play against him," Accorsi said. "Here he is, we can't get him out of our division."

Here he is, certainly capable of wrecking the Giants. Or the Cowboys.

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