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Cowboys article roundup

This article is for BTB regular Terry, who we know loves him some Terry Glenn

When asked who was the best receiver on the Cowboys, Glenn responded quietly and confidently with, "I am."

Yes, Glenn knows who plays on the other side. And he means no disrespect to Terrell Owens.

In fact, he calls Owens the best all-around receiver he has ever had as a teammate.

But as far as who is "the man" on the Cowboys, Glenn said, "I am."

Terry Glenn: The Silent Assassin.

On the other side, completing the TNT duo is the not-so silent assassin. In fact, you can hear him coming a mile away.

"For me, the game is getting boring, you know, in the first half of the last two ballgames," [Owens] said. "I'm not in the ballgame. That's not to say I'm not working hard. I'm not sure what the case may be. We're making strides."

Uggh, when a player uses the word boring to describe his time on the field, I just cringe.

The DMN has an article about stopping the Giants running game.

"What Ferg does, you might not see everything, but he keeps it clean," inside linebacker Bradie James said. "He's been dominating centers the last few games. He's just been killing them."

Inside linebacker Akin Ayodele and James are quick enough to battle guards. If a runner doesn't see an opening, he often cuts across the grain where there is limited room to run.

Also, strong safety Roy Williams, a hard-hitting tackler against the run, and the outside linebackers are attacking the line of scrimmage.

"Everybody is being aggressive," James said. "We're not looking for [holding calls] to bail us out. We're looking to beat the man in front of us. Everybody has to be on their P's and Q's when it comes to this game."

Jason Ferguson has been the man this year. When watching game tape, I hardly ever see him getting blown off the ball. Just stay home for the cutbacks this week, Fergie.

This article is interesting. If you want another view on Owens vs. the Cowboys, check it out. It follows up on the theme we were discussing a couple of weeks ago that the best way to handle Owens is to just ignore him, and put him in the lineup (which is basically what Parcells has done).

The Cowboys did it the other way -- the way the Eagles should have done it, had they not been so addicted to control that their official Web site once was caught sharing the belief that the organization "would rather go 0-16 than yield to Owens" in a contract beef. The Cowboys did it the other way, because they would rather do anything than finish 0-16. A matter of taste, that.

What the Cowboys did was ignore Terrell Owens. They ignored him, put him in the lineup, had him score 18 points and pulled even with the Eagles in the NFC East loss column on a day when Hank Baskett didn't make a catch in a loss at New Orleans.

And what part of that plan is so outrageous, considering that the business the Cowboys have chosen -- the Eagles, too -- is to collect the world's finest football players and pay them to win games? Why is it so difficult to ignore Owens, even if what he says often is childish, needlessly irritating, quite often wrong and decreasingly entertaining? What is he, the ambassador to Russia, or just a football player with a high-speed jaw?

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