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Parcells press conference 10/19/06

We put Jeremy Urban on the PS at WR. Deleted Damarius Bilbo. Hatcher is the only guy who didn't practice.

Giants are a good screen team. They got a couple of different kinds; play-action, bootlegs. Tiki is the main danger on the screens. They have a balanced attack, run and throw, these other auxiliary parts of your offense, you can work them in and Barber is a good looking screen guy. Just another way to get him the ball in space.

Percentage-wise they pass a little more than run, but they want to be balanced. Passing in Giants stadium can be hazardous once or twice a year. In December the winds can be 35 MPH.

They will run or throw on first down, they are balanced. I don't know how they will attack us.

Looks like the same offense, but Eli knows it better. They did the same things as last year, with just a couple of wrinkles for each game.

Our defense has been up and down. I don't want us to play up and down. I think or defense can be efficient. You never know about injuries, we have some strengths but not across the board. They have a chance to be pretty good; don't know if they are great. We need more catalytic guys, more dynamic guys.

DeMarcus Ware not in the catalytic category, not yet. Roy's catalytic; Anthony gets his hands on the ball. DeMarcus can do it, but he needs to show up all the time. He still is young and raw.

We got to block them (Giants d-line), if we don't they'll disrupt the game. But we can't strategically put all our eggs in the pass blocking basket. We have to spread the field, put our guys in position to succeed. You can help with people, and run shorter routs, but in the end you have to block them.

Greg Ellis is doing well, I've always liked him, he just didn't have the same vision that I did for a while. When one of my old players calls you up and says you got a guy, and he plays the same spot, you know you got something. Greg sees it now. I told him you aren't going anywhere over the summer and that was that.

I thought about moving him last year, but I didn't have enough experience at the DE position. Canty, because of his injuries, didn't know what he could do.

Haven't decided on M. Coleman yet. Got to give Keith more time, he needs to function at full speed to dress; he has to be honest with me. I could take both of them, but Keith has to be 100%, Keith was limited yesterday in practice, but better today.

K. Coleman's nickname is Lightning, he doesn't move too quick. He's doing OK, I know what we can do with him, he's more of a run guy, not pass rush in the nickel.

(Problem giving up yards on first down?) Half those numbers they got last week was at the end when we told our defense just to keep the ball in bounds. We told the defense at the end to keep them in bounds and let them throw in front of them.

(But you had problems on first down before last week) We don't attack on first down much. You want fewer than 3.3 yards on first down. That's hard to do in the NFL today.

Don't know if Skyler will return punts. You need to wait, I've got 4 moving parts, there's a chance he will.

Miles Austin is young, fast, big and tough, and he's eager. He's green, but you can't not like coaching him. I like both these young receivers. Sam got two penalties but it's not like he's not trying to do something, he just needs better judgment.

(Owens not getting 1st half passes) Not the intention, just how the game unfolds.

You try to teach the QB within certain parameters to adjust in the pocket. This thing about the mobile QB, Do you think David Carr is mobile? (reporter: not really) I think he's mobile, and he's had 76 sacks. Who held the record before him? (reporter: Cunningham) That's right, it was Cunningham.  A QB who can't throw the ball away will take sacks; it's not the mobility issue. But a QB can't just be indiscriminate; you just can't sling the son-of-a-bitch anywhere. (huge laughter). (Parcells jokingly) Oops, I'm coaching again, that's it, I'm done.

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