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Dallas wanted JJ to run, wanted VY to not run

Some quick observations from the Titans game. I'll have a detailed film review later today.

1.    Julius Jones is running with determination and decisiveness. He's being patient enough to let the blocks develop, but when he sees the opening he hits it quickly, makes a cut and gets north-south. It looks like there's less dancing around and more belief in the play that's called. Bill Parcells is getting the type of running out of JJ that he's been looking for since he drafted him.

2.    The Dallas Cowboys bread is buttered running behind Andre Gurode, Kyle Kosier and Flozell Adams. Most of the big runs came on plays up the gut or to the left edge. JJ had one big run to the right, but it was a cutback on a play designed to go up the middle. Special kudos to Kyle Kosier, who is doing a great job and is a very good blocker when they pull him. The line also kept Drew Bledsoe upright all game and he had very little traffic in the pocket. The line is getting better and better, if they continue with the current good play and good communication, the Dallas offense will be explosive.

3.    The Cowboys got a lot of help in the running game from blockers besides the offensive line. Anthony Fasasno is getting much better blocking out of the backfield, and Terrell Owens did some good work blocking downfield. Even Terry Glenn got a couple of good blocks in the running game.

4.    The Titans found some success running to their right, at Marcus Spears. Spears didn't have his best afternoon and was moved off the line a few times in the beginning of the game. Later, the Cowboys got that worked out and the Titans running game ground to a halt.

5.    The Dallas pass rush was very, very disciplined. They were obviously coached by Parcells and Zimmer to stay in their lanes no matter what, even if they weren't getting penetration. There were no crossing stunts from the line, the main move was a bull-rush and they were determined to form a "U" around Vince Young giving him no room to run. And it worked. The one time when Young scrambled for close to 10 yards for a first down, Chris Canty looped inside of Ferguson - I'm sure he did this on his own volition, it wasn't a stunt - and Young ran right through the open hole. Even the blitzes were very structured with guys staying in their lanes.

6.    Kevin Burnett had a pretty good game with a sack, applying the pressure that led to Bradie James' interception, and he tackled Young for a loss on a run. He also got a pass breakup. Pat Watkins got involved in pass defense with two pass breakups and he also scooped up a fumble and had a great return. DeMarcus Ware and Greg Ellis did a good job of keeping contain on the edges. And little Aaron Glenn just keeps on making plays.

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