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Vandermouth! These post-game quotes are nothing bad, but the guy just never shuts up. He was on the radio just a few minutes ago, and he still talking about how good he is; just shut up and show us.

"It was disappointing but there's room for improvement," said Vanderjagt, who hasn't kicked off on a regular basis since 2003. "I hit some good ones. It's not without positive stuff, but it's disappointing that I felt like I could do it and just didn't go out there and show as well as I can."

Vanderjagt's first two kickoffs spiraled to the 16- and 11-yard line. His lone touchback initially landed around the 20, but the ball bounded and was bobbled before rolling into the end zone.

"The first two (kickoffs) we were going directionally right and I don't really have steps yet on going right," he said. "And then they said OK, just hit them down the middle, and obviously that's when I started to hit them a little better, a little higher.

"They still had a drive start average right around where we were hoping for. That's positive, but obviously the ball could go better in the air."

Parcells obviously wasn't happy with Vanderjagt's kickoffs, but said he felt he would need an extra player to combat the 80-degree conditions at LP Field.

"We're going to have to rethink that," Parcells said of Vanderjagt being the universal kicker, handling both place kicks and kickoffs.

John Clayton takes a look at the Titans game focusing on Vince Young.

Hat tip to Tuna Helper for posting this Jimmy Johnson article on the Cowboys.

The Dallas defense is outstanding right now. It is getting turnovers and putting points on the board. I think this team has a real chance to make a run in the playoffs. The Cowboys have a top-five defense; and hey, they may be a top-five team.

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