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Parcells press conference 10/2/06

We blocked pretty well in that game, the backs ran hard and didn't leave many yards on the field. The defense started slowly, the defense got pushed around a little, but they got better after the middle of the second quarter. OK with what I saw, I need a little more from several players.

Were getting into 4 of the next 6 on the road. We have to win some of those. The Philly offense is moving the ball pretty well.

I think Gurode will be OK. I think he'll practice Weds, he's lifting weights this morning.

[On Albert Haynesworth incident] I've seen several things like that before. Coach Fisher was classy enough to apologize and he wanted me to tell the team. The player seems to be contrite this morning, happy to hear that. You have to keep your poise at all costs. It's out my jurisdiction, so whatever happens, happens.

Of course this doesn't have a place in the game. I leave it to the powers that be to handle this. I won't comment on criminal charges.

The line is doing a good job, showing toughness and effort. Happy with Colombo, gives good effort on every play. The backs ran well. JJ was tough as was MB3 and TT. I think the line is improving as we go, yesterday they were pretty good and I was happy about that.

Avg. start on kickoffs was the 25 yard line, which was pretty good. Our coverage was good. Kicks could've been better but that was his first try, so we'll see what happens. I'm not sure about it yet; I need to think about it, it wasn't costly yesterday.

I told you our team wouldn't be distracted in the game and we weren't. I think Owens was fine with his hand physically.

[Will you talk to team about Owens vs. Philly this week] I don't talk to the team a lot. I talked for 3-4 minutes about the Titans game this morning. It takes me 1-2 minutes to talk the team each morning. If I need 15 minutes to talk to the team about something specific, I'll set aside time for that, usually at the end of week. I don't go in and talk to them about a theme everyday.

I think we have improved from the first game to now, that's a full month's work. You can improve as you go during the season. For us to do that, some of our younger players will have to do better than right now, on both sides of the ball. Some young players have shown good signs but my expectations for some of these guys might be higher than their own. I mentioned that in the meeting this morning. A few rookies look like they are going to contribute, but I tried to appeal to the rest of them that there are enough jobs of some of them will step up and take the opportunity.

Newman did good on the returns. The first one, he got 20 yards with no help.

Watkins is coming along. A pleasant surprise. Now he got spun around once or twice in pass patterns, had a couple of mental errors, but they didn't hurt us. He still scares me a bit this being his first time through the league.

Owens is trying to block downfield, he made some good blocks, especially on Terry's run. I just want to get a little more blocking downfield and we can have some longer runs.

We didn't do a good job stopping the run, they were stretching us a bit and cutting back. We told them what to do about that at halftime and they listened. We overan the ball early in the game, they were bumping our defensive ends out with the guards and tackles. Ferguson played well overall, that was personal for him against Mawae, being former teammates that faced each other in practice.

Carpenter has been moved around a little bit, hopefully further down the road he'll start contributing.

Burnett was good in the nickel, but I didn't like his special teams play. I sit next to him in the special teams meetings and he got a little bit of an extra ass-chewing.

I'm impressed with Hurd, good motor, plays hard, made a few special teams plays. That's what I want the other rookies to see, take the opportunity like he has. Sam should've been the primary receiver on the play with Witten, but Bledsoe missed Hurd and came back to Witten, and Hurd just wound up in the way.

Terry Glenn is one of the most underrated players in the league. I've seen a lot from him, a mature football player who knows how to play, what to do, he needs a few reminders every now and then like everybody else He can separate and catch the ball. God gave him some attributes that not many people have. My scout in New England told me when he scouted Glenn at Ohio State that he just saw the quickest player he's ever seen. I'm glad to see him having success.

Kosier is doing very well. I'm very happy with him. He's tough, he doesn't back off. We were kidding him about taking out life insurance going against Haynesworth earlier in the week, [ed. Note - the joke is a little more real now] but he doesn't back down. He just gets it done; it's not always aesthetically pleasing, but it works.

Flozell's doing better, I want more from him in the running game and he will have his work cut out in pass protection this week.

First time in my whole career I can recall kicking from the opponent's 40 yard line. We just made it up on the fly, and I think we did a pretty good job.

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