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Cowboys need more pressure from the defense

The Cowboys needs more pressure from the front seven, especially OLB's Greg Ellis and DeMarcus Ware. So far the Cowboys have stayed away from blitzing regularly, and while they have 12 sacks for the year, 6 of them came in the Washington game. Outside of that game, they are averaging fewer than 2 sacks per game. They need to get it going and start creating pressure, and this week would be a good time to start. Eli Manning looked very efficient last week when he wasn't getting pressured, the Cowboys may have to resort to a few more stunts or blitzes to get him on the move. Ellis knows he needs more production in the sacks department.

"Get sacks - that's what you've got to do," said Ellis, who has just 2 ½ sacks this season. "When you can get to the quarterback and make a lot of plays, particularly sacks, that's when people start talking about you."

Now don't misunderstand Ellis, the savvy veteran who played eight years at defensive end before being switched to outside linebacker this season. He's not interested in the attention nearly as much as he is the sacks.

"In our business, that's really what you're looking for," Ellis said. "As an end or any pass-rusher, you're trying to get to the quarterback at all times. Now, you can do lots of other things to help your team. But people always look at sacks first."

On the other side, DeMarcus Ware hasn't met the expectations going into the year. He's had a solid season, but is lacking in sacks and isn't the game-changing performer yet that we all hoped he would be.

When asked Thursday if he thinks his defense has "dominating" potential, Parcells said he it was too early to tell, stating he doesn't have enough catalytic players on defense, and that includes Ware.

"No, I wouldn't put him in that category yet," said Parcells, who mentioned only Roy Williams and Anthony Henry when asked to name his top playmakers on defense. "I'm not saying DeMarcus isn't . . . he can do it. It's just got to show up all the time. He's just a young guy, green."

Time to step up the defensive pressure. Chris Canty and Marcus Spears could also elevate their play on passing downs.

On the other side, the defensive pressure from the Giants last year against the Cowboys was pretty good in the second game.

The last time the Cowboys faced the New York Giants was a particularly hard-on-the-body day for quarterback Drew Bledsoe.

Bledsoe was sacked four times and pressured countless others as he was intercepted twice and lost one fumble that was returned for a touchdown Dec. 4 in a 17-10 loss.

Turnovers. There it is again. When Drew turns the ball over Dallas is in trouble. We were also in trouble because of the personnel on the line.
But that game featured Torrin Tucker at left tackle and then-rookie Rob Petitti at right tackle. Both players were manhandled all day.

Now with Flozell Adams at left and Marc Colombo at right tackle, the Cowboys have a little more flexibility in their play calling, and Bledsoe may have a little more time in the pocket.

Umenyiora against Adams is going to be a huge matchup, one Dallas has to win.

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