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Parcells press conference 10/20/06

Signed Junior Glymph waived Lou Polite, everybody practiced except Hatcher.

Signed Glymph because I needed some pass rush possibilities, he was pretty good in preseason, didn't want to let him go then but had to, we got him from Pittsburgh's practice squad. I like Polite, he's smart, dependable, works hard, but it's been 3 years and I just hadn't seen what I needed to see..

I'm looking for a fullback. You guys know of one?

We changed Hoyte's number from 53 to 46. I had to inform the league and now the Giants know that. (40's - a RB number, sounds like Hoyte is now a primarily a FB).

Don't know on Skyler Green yet for returning punts. Have to see how Keith is doing. Keith is a question mark, but we've got some time before the game. It also depends on how up to speed I can get Glymph. It's a question of 4 or 5 players. I have to be sure to prepare for all eventualities.

I like Newman back there (returning punts) when the other team is deep in their own territory, that's when teams use max protection, its a chance to flip field position. They kick away more from back there instead of putting it up high in the air and trying to get good coverage. Newman can't get you some yards. (Asked about fear of injury to Newman) I never felt that you can protect players once the game starts. If you're out there you have to do the job asked of you.

Glymph would be listed as a LB, he played that this summer, but he does have the ability to rush the QB. I don't want Ellis and Ware to run out of gas. I need to get Burnett and Singleton more time also. Without Hatcher, I've worked a couple of different guys this week, if I need to rest Ellis and Ware, I've had some other guys working there; Ayodele, Carpenter and Glymph.

Pass rush has been average, we got people around Carr. Houston's passing scheme is not spread conscious, they are very protection conscious, keeping 7 guys in. They run play action and bootlegs, usually they run 8 or 10 bootlegs a game, they only ran 3. They didn't against us because the boots don't work as well against a 3-4 defense.

I'm hoping our pass rush improves as we go. If you're out there every play, then in the nickel, that's tough. Strahan and Umenyiora get rotations in the line. Hatcher was a good guy to have, he could fill those positions.

There are six players, Austin, Hoyte, Carpenter, Curtis, Coleman who are in the mix to dress. We feel any of those 6 or 7 guys could contribute. It's just where we need more help.

A couple of those players, because of lack of experience, they are not as flexible at the game. You have to be careful to not get where we lose one player and we can't run certain parts of our offense or defense. I've been dressing 7 o-line. Most teams are just dressing 7, 60-70% only dress 7. I've always been an 8 guy. But this year it's been different. You need versatility.

(Asked about o-line and Drew playing better in home games than road games) We had trouble in Philly in pass protection because of mental errors. We had 7 sacks; two in the last drive but we hit a pass after that so they don't count, so only 5 of them count but 4 of them were mental errors. I don't believe there is any thing to the home/away stuff. It just takes more concentration. It's the same guys who make the errors, regardless of the crowds. Now, if you run a big audible system with 3 plays in the huddle and make a decision at the line, then you're exposing yourself and false starts also can be caused by crowds. There are ways to work through it.

Yesterday we talked about the mobile QB and sacks, any QB you need to protect. Naturally I would love to protect him 100%. This isn't a new team for us (Giants), we know what they do and they know us. Philly didn't do anything we haven't seen for 3 years. Whoever does it better will succeed. We got some guys who can rush too.

Adams has played Umenyiora, he knows the player, I tried to tell Colombo what Strahan does, and I've coached against him a lot. I told him that Strahan's weight is down and he's staying quick. I don't think he weighs over 260. Fortunately for Colombo, Fabini has played against Strahan 12 or 13 times. I told Fabini to go talk to Colombo and tell him what you know.

I do talk to Drew, I tell him what I think is important. I want his input, what he feels good about. I told him today that just because this is what I want to do in the game, we're not pressing to do that, we'll throw the ball away and live to fight another day.

Fowler at FB is a contingency. I'm doing that with a lot of players, more so than any year I've been here, I looking for someone else that might add to us. Jeff (Ireland) and his crew are on it.

Hoyte is doing different things, expanding Curtis' role, Fasano already has his plate full. I do have Fowler ready at goal line if needed.

We had lengthy practices this week, but only wore pads for two periods. I don't want to wear them out, especially with a short week coming up. My coaches are working right now on Carolina, I want them to be ready on Tuesday to game plan for Carolina. I told the team why I did what I did in practice this week. We did it for the Carolina game, too.

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