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Adams and Colombo have work to do on Monday

Flozell Adams, Marc Colombo, Usi Unmenyiora and Michael Strahan, four names that will be crucial in Monday night's football game. If you don't hear their names called by the announcers - that is if you have the sound turned up, with the crew they force on us I'm sure the mute button is used widely - then it's good for Dallas. You never want to hear an individual name called on the offensive line, because that usually means they did something bad. You never want to hear the names on the opposing defensive line called because that means they did something good. So here's to not hearing the names Adams, Colombo, Umenyiora and Strahan called on Monday.

While Adams has struggled in his return from last season's knee surgery, he does have experience facing Umenyiora, the Giants' best pass rusher who has four sacks.

Colombo, however, has never played against Strahan. The former first-round bust with the Chicago Bears has been solid so far with the Cowboys. But there's no question that this is his first big test, going against one of the top pass rushers in NFL history. Parcells has tried to prepare Colombo, as has veteran backup tackle Jason Fabini, who faced Strahan for many years when he was with the New York Jets.

What do you guys think? Can Adams and Colombo get it done?

It must be Bobby Carpenter day at the local Dallas papers, with both of them running a Carpenter article. I was one of the biggest cheerleaders for selecting Carpenter before the draft; I spent a good month predicting we would take him and then celebrated when we did. I admit I'm a little disappointed by his progress so far. Greg Ellis' success in moving to OLB put a crimp in the Carpenter plan, but I still thought he would at least be one of the regular linebackers in the rotation. So far, he's only been active for two games and hasn't done much. I'm not going to be ridiculous and call him a bust or anything, but I would like to see him pick up his play. From the DMN article, he sounds like a guy who was frustrated with his role and that was causing him some problems, but he's getting a better attitude about it now.

"I guess, sometimes, you have to talk to people to put things in perspective," Carpenter said. "I was frustrated for a while, but looking at it now, I'm trying to come out here and enjoy it again and take advantage of things."

Carpenter has been inactive because of his lack of aggressiveness on special teams and the Cowboys' depth at linebacker.


This week in practice, Carpenter worked as an outside pass rusher in the nickel.

If Carpenter doesn't play defense, he could play on special teams, but he's endured problems. The coaches want him to attack ball carriers more.

"I've tried to be less tentative and be more aggressive," he said. "You're afraid to take a bad step because it can put you in a bad situation."

Here's the Carpenter article in the DFW S-T.

A few Cowboys players are donating to charity.

Five games into the season, safety Roy Williams is out $15,000.

For the second time this year, the NFL fined Williams $7,500. Williams drew his second fine for what the NFL called "impressible use of a helmet" for a hit last week on Houston receiver Kevin Walter. He was given a $7,500 fine after the season opener at Jacksonville for drilling quarterback Byron Leftwich in the chest.

Cornerback Anthony Henry was fined $5,000 for ripping off the helmet of Houston running back Ron Dayne, and rookie receiver Sam Hurd was fined $5,000 for his facemask penalty on the opening kickoff, nearly a third of Hurd's weekly salary.

It's good to see that our Cowboys are so willing to give, so generous with their money.

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