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College football open thread

It's Saturday, so that means it's time for a college football open thread. You know what I'm fired up about today, #13 Georgia Tech at #12 Clemson on ESPN tonight at 7:45 PM. Huge game for my Jackets, I'm looking for Calvin Johnson to come up big. The last time we went to Death Valley, Johnson caught 3 TD's including the game winner (see picture) with 16 seconds left in only his second game as a freshman. That was C.J.'s arrival on the college football scene. Now it's time for him to cement his status as the best WR in the college game.

So what's happening with your college team? I saw the Texas Longhorns pull out a miracle against Nebraska with a late 4th quarter fumble recovery. That Colt kid at QB looks pretty good for a young'un. Ohio State rolled on and looks about as dominate as you can get. Michigan I guess will be the big test for them. Speaking of Michigan, they're struggling with Iowa at halftime.

Tennessee is also struggling with Alabama. Notre Dame and UCLA have a good one going. Boston College is whooping Florida State at halftime.

So give it up guys. Who is your team and how are they doing this year? I know Terry is a fan of the Pitt Panthers and QB Tyler Balko. lee3022 is an Oregon Ducks fan. I'm guessing Longhorn is a Longhorns fan. What about the rest of you guys?

Update [2006-10-21 22:22:52 by Grizz]: I've had more fun at the dentist than I have watching this game. You guys take mercy on me and let me forget all about this nightmare. The Cowboys have to win on Monday or I'll be on a suicide watch.

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