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Cowboys random blurbs

Standard article from the New York press about how the Giants must respect not only Owens, but all of the Cowboys offensive skill players.

Owens also has a history of playing well against the Giants, who traditionally have had trouble containing big-play receivers. Even though this year's Giants have a rebuilt secondary, they still know that whenever T.O. lines up against them, he has to be the primary focus.

"He can change the game," cornerback R.W. McQuarters said. "He stretches the field and makes big plays. You have to be alert and always know where T.O. is on the field. He can turn a 10- or 12-yard curl into a big play, a touchdown."

The Giants also will have to keep an eye on several other Cowboys, which makes neutralizing Owens even more difficult. On Owens' opposite side, Terry Glenn has caught even more passes (25) for more yardage (337). He has three TDs. There's also tight end Jason Witten and running back Julius Jones, who is fifth in the NFC with 494 rushing yards.

FOX Sports asks a good question.

Are the Cowboys the team that got shredded by the Eagles in an endless series of big plays or the team that has destroyed its opponents by an aggregate 106-30 score in its three wins?

The writer likes the Giants to win because of our leaky secondary and offensive line. O-line, yes. Secondary, no. He must've only watched the Eagles game.

The "talent" at ESPN makes their picks.

Salisbury, Hoge, Jaworski, Allen and Morton pick Dallas. Schlereth and Golic pick New York.

And of course, the infamous Peter King pick, where Romo rides in and saves the day. Romo backers unite!

New York (3-2) at Dallas (3-2)
I love this game. Just love it. And there's a good chance I'll look foolish for writing what I think could happen here. But I see the Giants' front seven attacking and puncturing the Dallas pocket in the first half, chasing down Drew Bledsoe. I see Tony Romo coming in during the second half -- much to the chagrin of Joe Theismann, who immediately pronounces it a horrible mistake for Bill Parcells to ever think of benching Bledsoe for some kid who has never thrown in a game that counts since playing at Eastern Illinois -- and rallying the troops to victory. A star is born.
Dallas 27, New York Giants 20

Of course, any pick that takes a shot at Joe Theismann and has the Cowboys winning can't be all bad.

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