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Pregame open thread

Might as well get the conversation flowing early. ESPN just started a SportsCenter Cowboys/Giants show and right out of the gate Ed Werder is stirring the pot. According to Ed, several Cowboys players told him that this game and the Carolina game will determine how much longer Bledsoe stays as the starting QB. Parcells thinks of Romo as a Drew Brees type QB (whatever that means) and if Bledsoe struggles Parcells won't be afraid to replace him, even in the middle of a game.

To me, this all sounds reasonable, the Cowboys have too good of a team to waste this year. So if Bledsoe isn't getting the job done over the next few games, Parcells might make the change. I don't believe that Parcells will yank Bledsoe in the middle of a game, but you never know.

Also, Werder reports that Owens is feeling good, that he plans on adding to his MNF TD total tonight, and to get your popcorn ready. Good, because that popcorn was sure getting stale over the first few games of the season.

This is an open thread for pregame chat.

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