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Giants destroy the Cowboys 36-22

The Dallas Cowboys imploded tonight at Texas Stadium as the New York Giants blasted them 36-22. Without going into too much detail, here's a quick recap.

Drew Bledsoe - bad. Throws a killer pick right before halftime to kill all momentum and probably his career.

The offensive line - awful. They were tissue, pathetic. They are killing this team.

The defensive secondary - toast. Watkins gets beat early; they never shut down the Giants receivers the rest of the way.

Run defense - ineffective. Tiki Barber and Brandon Jacobs ran over them in an embarrassing display.

Tony Romo - too many interceptions. He made the mistakes that were expected, and ones that he will probably continue to make until he gets more experience.

I don't know if Parcells plans to make the change to Romo permanent - I'm guessing he is - but the Cowboys are clearly in disarray. At 3-3 and on the crest of a 3-game road trip, the season hangs in the balance. The offensive line is not getting the job done. Neither QB got the job done tonight; it's possible that neither will this entire season. The defense isn't as good as we thought. The options seem so limited at the moment.

All the controversy after the game will be about the QB switch. Did we panic too soon, are we beginning the Romo era, can Parcells go back to Bledsoe? But the problems with this team are deeper. The offensive line is a disaster against good defenses. The secondary continues to give up big plays. And now our run defense was exposed. The Cowboys look like a great team against the bad teams, and this fooled many observers - including me - into thinking they are a good team. At this point in the season, we aren't.

Next week brings a chance at redemption, but the confidence of the Cowboys is on the ropes. It's going to take a minor miracle to turn this team around.

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