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Grizz is temporarily offline

Have you guys missed me today? I'm currently having severe connectivity issues and my ISP has not been able to fix it. It started this morning and I'm still unable to connect except intermittently and for very short periods of time.

I haven't been able to listen to the press conferences today so I know very little about what's going except that Romo will start - which I pretty much expected anyway. Hopefully I'll be back online sometime soon, and I'll catch up on all the news.

In the meantime, Terry will continue to post articles and news on the front page - I hope. This is a chaotic week for the Cowboys and the rest of you guys need to post diaries on anything new that you find.

Changing QB's in mid-season is a big deal, so I'm glad Terry posted it because I couldn't get online this morning. AmosM, I love ya guy - in a totally heterosexual way - and you provide some great commentary, but a new Cowboys QB is absolutely worthy of front page news.

One more thing, everyone needs to calm down a bit. Some people think Romo will excel and some people think he won't while others don't know what to think - like me at the moment. Keep the conversation up, keep debating the pros and cons, but remember we ALL want to see the Cowboys suceed. We are a family, and families bicker, but don't let it turn ugly.

I hope to be back online and posting soon. Until then, Terry will post new stuff on the front page and everybody else can help by posting comments and diaries.

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