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Parcells believes Romo gives Cowboys a "better chance"

Many of us fans have an opinion on whether Tony Romo  gives us the best chance to win and make a run at the playoffs. Some people like me believe he does, others feel Bledsoe gives the Cowboys the best opportunity. Well, Parcells said during his press conference that Romo gives the Cowboys the better chance to win games because he can avoid the pressure better than Bledsoe, read the pressure better than Bledsoe and get the ball out of his hands quicker than Bledsoe.

"When a quarterback gets sacked, everybody immediately puts that on the offensive line, (and) that's not really the case," Parcells said. "Sometimes you have things that are built in to allow the quarterback to use that vehicle to get away from that (pressure). And they don't always do that. Sometimes they don't see what they should see, even though you practice that quite a bit. They don't see that."

Parcells said he's hopeful the more-mobile Romo can make plays with his feet, along with his arm.

"Tony has a little quicker release . . . he gets the ball out a little better," Parcells said. "I'm hopeful that things can take a little turn here. I just don't think we can go too much longer being the way we were. I don't know that it will work 100 percent. I'm hopeful that it gives us a little better chance."

I've been saying all along that Bledsoe reacts too slow and was too hesistent and indecisive when making decisions in the pocket. Although Romo is green, he's just much quicker all around, from his feet, to his release. So its sounds as though Parcells is making this move to salvage the season  rather than giving up on it and looking toward the future as many on this blog has suggested.

Parcells quickly dismissed the question that playing Romo suggests the Cowboys are merely looking to the future.

"That would be an erroneous view," Parcells said. "Actually it couldn't be further from the truth."

So it would appear Parcells thinks Romo gives the Cowboys the best chance to win now.

So from what I understand from Parcells, the move is being made because he believes the offense was not going to get better with Bledsoe, but it might with Romo. I guess we'll just have to wait and see if he's right.

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