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Jerry Jones is disappointed in our season but still is optimistic about Romo.

"I think he's a top athlete," Jones said. "I like his approach to competing. He's got a natural leadership quality about him. ... He's pocket sensitive. He's got a good feel of where it's coming from, the pressure."

Adam Schefter talks about Bledsoe's future in the league.

 But it looks like Bledsoe is going to have to swallow the fact that he now will be nothing more than a backup. "He's unprotectable," one general manager said in reference to Bledsoe's lack of mobility.

Yet expect him to be mobile again this offseason, looking for a new NFL home.

I personally like that phrase, "unprotectable", thats good.

Randy Galloway thinks the QB change was long overdue.

Romo, as it should be, makes his first start Sunday night in Carolina.

Sorry, Drew, but it was past time for you to sit.

This is not exactly the perfect spot for Romo, not with the Panthers' defensive front, not with the Cowboys' offensive line, but the deal is done.

Of all the quarterback decisions Parcells has made with the Cowboys, this is the first one that makes any sense, even though it obviously guarantees nothing.

Speaking of nothing, that was Bledsoe. Nothing for now, nothing for later.

With Romo?

Let us have a look, starting Sunday night.

I usually don't agree with much Galloway has to say, but I definitely agree that the move was very long overdue.

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