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Romo or bust

Mickey Spags writes an interesting article which poses the question, what happens if Romo isn't the answer to the Cowboys QB problem?As a Romo supporter from the start, I truly believe that Romo will eventually become a very good, if not great QB someday, and obviously so does Parcells. However, there is always the possibility that he won't and what happens then?

Them is bygones, but the present-day worry must be this: What if Romo can't beat the odds, then what? The Cowboys certainly wouldn't entertain starting a third season with Bledsoe, especially since he's due a $1 million roster bonus on top of his $4.5 million base salary for 2007. And if Romo doesn't give the Cowboys something to sink their teeth into over the next 10 games - if he even starts 10 games - talk about having to start from scratch.

And what you're talking is finding another Band-Aid for the growing quarterback sore, along with making another plan for the future.

Granted, if Romo is not our next franchise QB, the Cowboys franchise is in big trouble because as Spags points out, the Cowboys would have to start from scratch. Probably either trading up in the draft to get someone like Brady Quinn, or signing a free agent next season, maybe someone like Atlanta's Matt Schaub, who I also like by the way. However, I think our good friend Mick is getting a little ahead of himself, worrying about something that hasn't even happened yet. Until I see more poor performances from Romo like Monday night, I'm going to trust my instincts and I'm going to trust Parcells' as well. We both see something speical in this kid that a lot of people don't and hopefully he'll start proving us right Sunday night in front of the whole nation.

There is something about Romo that Parcells believes defies the odds. And maybe I should get that through my thick skull, too, because do you realize the number of quarterbacks he has discarded since coming here, yet has hung on to Romo through it all? Hutchinson. Carter. Henson. Testaverde. All gone. Bledsoe? The door is open.

Romo, he continues to groom.

When asked if Romo, the second-year quarterback, had any chance in hell of staying with the team that summer of '04 when he had Carter as the incumbent starter, had traded for Testaverde the first of June for backup purposes and already had acquired Henson in a trade that guaranteed him $3.5 million, Parcells said, he would have, that "something would have worked out."

That statement tells me this kid is one of those "Parcells guys" and the Tuna is staking his coaching reputation and legacy on this "unknown" from Eastern Illinois. I have the feeling the future of the Cowboys organization hinges on the play of number 9 over the next 10 games, don't you?

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