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QB might not be only change Parcells makes

Calvin Watkins from the DMN is reporting that Parcells is considering other changes as Tony Romo might not be the only new starter for the Cowboys Sunday night. One change might involve moving Marcus Coleman to FS to replace rookie Pat Watkins.

Beyond a switch at quarterback, the Cowboys are considering other lineup changes.

Coach Bill Parcells wouldn't say it, but it appears rookie free safety Patrick Watkins could lose his starting job, and there could also be a change on the offensive line.

Watkins has struggled with his tackling and deep coverage. In Monday night's 36-22 loss to the Giants, he was beaten on a 50-yard touchdown pass from Eli Manning to Plaxico Burress.

Watkins finished the game with three tackles and one pass breakup, but his continued struggles have the Cowboys concerned.

"Hey, I'm not singling him out," Parcells said of Watkins. "I haven't decided that conclusively."

We all know the offensive line has been really bad and Parcells might make a switch with a few positions there as well.

 Parcells said left tackle Flozell Adams will remain a starter, but right tackle Marc Colombo struggled against the Giants. Colombo's backup is Jason Fabini, who started nine games last season with the New York Jets.

Personally, I think it might be time to replace Watkins as he's shown he cannot effectively defend the deep pass which has been killing us. Maybe Coleman, who has coverage skills as a corner, can do a better job. Parcells was clear in his PC that both turnovers and deep passes were killing us. However, I say give the offensive line a few more games before making any changes. Maybe Romo's style, with his mobility and quick release, will make them look better and possibly he'll help them out recognizing blitzes as well.  

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