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Romo has impressed Ron Wolf

Okay guys, now that Grizz will be back to action shortly, this should be my last post for a while. (I can just hear everyone say in unison, "thank God!") Anyway, Mickey Spags tells us that Ron Wolf, former Packer GM, is very much impressed with Tony Romo.

 So Ron Wolf, you saw Romo in training camp the past few summers. What's your take?

"First of all, it's his ability, and secondly, he's got an ability to move the team and . . . he can improvise quite well, and make things happen from a positive standpoint from his ability to move and his ability to throw the ball," Wolf said. "Some people have that, some people don't have that. Tony Romo has that."

Has he surprised you, coming in as an undrafted rookie out of Eastern Illinois in 2003 and now earning his first NFL start 3½ seasons later?

"His progress has been very good," Wolf says. "I think he's a credit to the coaching staff there at Dallas the way he has progressed, and I think he is progressing toward a good NFL starting consideration, and now we have to see if he can hold that mantle . . . we have to see if he's going to be successful."

See, thats what I've been trying to tell you guys, why I've been impressed with this guy, he just makes things happen, he moves the team and scores points. Will he get picked once in a while? Sure, but I'll take an occasional pick every now and then if the guy can consistently move the team up and down the field. He has that "it" all the good ones have and I think you'll see it in the next several games.

For all you historians out there, today marks the 4 year anniversary of Emmitt breaking Walter Payton's career rushing record. Hats off to Emmitt, he was simply the best.

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