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T.O. should benefit from QB change

I think it's obvious to any football fan, even the casual observer, that all quarterbacks have a favorite receiver they like to throw to. Bledsoe obviously had Terry Glenn, Payton Manning has Marvin Harrision, you get the picture. Well, after watching all the preseason games and a few of the games Romo has played in so far, it looks as though Tony's go to guy will be none other than the two seem to be devloping a nice chemistry with each other.

 Owens and Romo have a good relationship.

Before he was named starter, Romo talked to Owens on the sideline about defensive schemes, and a bond developed. After practice, the two played catch, and chemistry began forming. It was something Owens couldn't accomplish with Bledsoe.

"I honestly tried to do that time and time again throughout games but for whatever reason, it didn't happen," Owens said.

Owens told reporters Thursday that he planned to bake cookies for Romo this week.

This is "chemistry in the making," Owens said.

Baking cookies? You got to be kidding me. Maybe this is the first NFL qb T.O. has ever liked or will ever like, never know. Besides their "chemistry", T.O. should also benefit because Romo can scramble around the pocket and make things happen on the move which is something Jeff Garcia and Donovan McNabb could also do, but Bledsoe couldn't.

The Cowboys' decision to start Tony Romo at quarterback allows for different possibilities within the offense.

One of those might be getting receiver Terrell Owens more involved.

Owens said Romo's mobility allows receivers to freelance when the pocket breaks down. Owens said he can break away from a defender and move to an open spot on the field if he sees the quarterback scramble.

It's something Owens did frequently in San Francisco and Philadelphia, which featured quarterbacks who moved well.

"I think that everybody is very, very aware of that," Owens said. "Romo is a little bit more mobile than Drew [Bledsoe]. That's not anything out of the norm. Those are some of the things that work to his advantage. Obviously, it will help us more as an offense."

I think it's obvious that T.O.'s numbers should get a lot better with Romo at the helm and Jason Witten's as well. I just hope he doesn't lean too heavily on T.O. just as Bledsoe did with Glenn. If Romo spreads the ball around to everyone and obviously protects against bad INT's, the offense will be tough to stop.

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