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The Tony Romo Era begins

My plan was to talk about Keyshawn, more specifically about how he's just being Keyshawn. You can read about it here. Or maybe talk a little about the Bill Parcells article in the NY Times, but I realized I couldn't really add anything to that finely crafted piece, so you can read it here if you haven't already. Then I would slide over to discuss the move of Marcus Coleman in for Pat Watkins, but you can check it out for yourself.

I've changed my mind, becuse all of that is background noise at the moment. The big news is that the Tony Romo Era is underway in Dallas. The changing of the guard used to be a huge event in Cowboys lore, considering the run of good luck we've had over the years. Alas, the post-Aikman Era has proved to be a desert, unable to support life. Carter, Hutchinson, Testaverde; and now add Bledsoe to the list. That's quite a run, even worse than the Hogeboom-Pelleur years at the end of the White Era. The question is have we found the guy who's going to right the ship and put together a legacy in Dallas worthy of remembrance.

Meredith to Morton to Staubach to White to Aikman to...Romo?

That's the question and we start getting answers today. Granted, we won't know very much after just one game, but it will be the start of the process. For the immediate future, Tony Romo is the heir to a prized position in sports: the starting quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys.

Before you think I'm putting Romo in Canton already by bringing up those names, I'm not. Frankly, I have no idea how Romo will perform today or in the upcoming weeks. He could lay a string of eggs from Carolina to Arizona and we'll be talking dreamily about the Brady Quinn Era or the Matt Schaub Era or the Fill in the Blank Era.

Still, I admit to a little more anticipation this week. If by a miracle Romo goes on the road and pulls off an upset against a very good team in his first NFL start, then things will get very interesting. If you do it once, they'll expect you to do it again and again. Then the real pressure will begin. If he loses, well, you're probably going to get a few more weeks to prove your worthy, and we'll hold off on that Canton enshrinement.

Seriously though, this is the start of the Tony Romo Era in Dallas. I don't know how long it will last or how successful it will be, but at least it's starting. As a Cowboy fan, I can only dream that it will be worthy of our storied past.

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