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Cowboys defense needs to help Romo

Tony Romo or no Tony Romo, the Dallas defense needs to get it together. Check out this stat.

Dallas has given up 15 plays of 20 or more yards in six games this season, after giving up 16 last season. There's never a good time to give up a big play, but the ones yielded in two of the Cowboys' losses swung momentum to their opponents.

Wow. Just wow.

Pat Watkins has had his problems, so in goes Marcus Coleman, plus we could use a little help getting pressure on opposing QB's.

Veteran Marcus Coleman, who is better at tracking the ball, will take over for Watkins - who has said that problems judging ball flight have led to him getting beat.

The Cowboys also need to put consistent pressure on the quarterback. Of their 14 sacks, five are credited to nickel defenders Jay Ratliff and Kenyon Coleman. Starters Marcus Spears and Chris Canty have combined for two.

Tim Cowlishaw talks about the start of the Romo Era, but also delves into the Panthers woes.

Or will it be the team [the Panthers] whose woeful offense has been held below 300 yards four times already (twice with Steve Smith in the lineup)? By comparison, the Cowboys' season low is 320.

Carolina is favored to make Romo's debut a losing one, but that premise is based on a big-name defense that frequently plays below expectations and an offense that lives on the pass. With rain possible and strong winds likely, the better running team - that would be Dallas - just might have a chance to score the upset.

I forgot to put this up earlier, but there is a new DCFanatic Radio Show up from yesterday. Give it a listen and you can hear me for the first time predict a Cowboys loss this year. That doesn't mean I think they've got no chance to win, or that I won't be cheering like crazy and praying that we win. I look at the predictions I make this way - if I had to put a $1,000 bet straight up on Dallas or the Panthers this week, who would I pick? For me, the uncertainty of Romo's play and being on the road led me to pick the Panthers.

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