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Gurode/Haynesworth story not over yet

Adam Schefter has some news about the Albert Haynesworth/Andre Gurode incident.

Haynesworth spent part of Monday trying to get Gurode's telephone number so the Titans lineman could call and personally apologize for his egregious behavior during Sunday's game.

A person close to Gurode, who spoke with him Monday, said the Cowboys lineman is receptive to Haynesworth's telephone call, but he has one question.

"He just keeps asking, 'Why did the dude did it?'" the person close to Gurode said Monday. "That's what he wants to know."

Once Gurode hears Hayneworth's explanation, he then will decide whether or not to file a criminal complaint with the Tennessee District Attorney's office. "Andre hasn't ruled anything out," the person close to Gurode said early Monday evening.

The Nashville police have informed Gurode that if he wants to pursue the matter they are willing. I guess it all depends on how Gurode feels after talking to Haynesworth. The question of Gurode's status for this week still hangs in the air.
Meanwhile, Gurode had other more pressing matters to deal with Monday. He spent the day meeting with a plastic surgeon, being appraised of the best ways to deal with the seven lacerations and 30 stitches that Haynesworth left him with. It is still possible that his client could play Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles.

JJT doesn't think the Haynesworth punishment was enough. I can see the call for a season-long suspension, but I think the NFL handed out a good punishment anyway.

Peter King takes a look at the Terrell Owens back to Philly hype. Also, King joins the list of numbskulls who can't figure out that the police report and the denials of Owens in the supposed "suicide attempt" can both be right, based on the information available at specific times. I won't go through the explanations again, I already wrote several articles on it - here and here - but why are some reporters so clueless? King went on NBC Sunday Night Football and said the league wouldn't suspend Haynesworth, just fine him, when everybody knew that the league had to suspend him. Not a good week for Burger King.

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