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Some bad news from last night's game

It wasn't all good news last night, the post-game flight home was interrupted by a very scary situation. Mickey Spags explains:

And you know on the charter flight home, with a little more chatter than the norm, the players played a prank on wide receivers coach Todd Haley, who has been in the news the past couple of days for filing suit against McDonalds after his wife found a roof rat in her salad. The guys - Terence Newman, Mike Vanderjagt, Terrell Owens - escorted a meal tray up to first class for Haley with a couple of McDonalds' bags and a faux salad, complete with a couple of plastic mice sticking out of the bags and one laying in the salad.

But somehow, the very life that seemed pumped into this team after the victory got in the way. The Cowboys' American Airlines charter flight, an hour after takeoff from Charlotte, N.C., had to make an emergency landing here in Nashville, Tenn., at 1:30 a.m. (CST) Monday because of apparent heart problems suffered by Tony Ollison, the team's assistant strength and conditioning coach.

Ollison was taken to Southern Hills Medical Center here, and was to be hospitalized at least on overnight. Ollison's heart rate had stabilized and his pulse was closer to normal as the team's medical staff, with the help of the American Airlines flight crew, assisted him off the plane. Cowboys trainer Jim Maurer said the medical staff had not determined if Ollison had suffered a heart attack.

Scary. Here's hoping that everything turns out fine for Tony Ollison. Out at training camp, I watched him everyday run with Marcus Spears, Justin Beriault and other injured players trying to get them back on the field. Now he's the injured player, let's hope he's back on the field soon.

We suffered a big injury last night. Tyson Thompson broke his ankle, and it's a shame, because the kid was doing really well in returning kickoffs.

The Cowboys have remained relatively injury free through the first seven games, but running back/kickoff returner Tyson Thompson will be sidelined several weeks, quite possibly the season after suffering broken ankle late in the first quarter.

Thompson appeared to get injured when he was tackled out of bounds following a 37-yard kickoff return with 1:13 left in the first quarter. After the Panthers' Karl Hankton was assessed an unnecessary roughness penalty, quarterback Tony Romo took over at the Carolina 47 and eventually threw a 3-yard touchdown pass to Jason Witten nine plays later.

TT had been a weapon returning kicks. Parcells replaced him with Aaron Glenn for the rest of the game, but it looks like Skyler Green might get his chance soon. Abram Elam was the other deep guy on kicks, but I don't think Parcells wants him to be the full-time kick returner. Maybe MB3 will get a shot back there.

Note to ESPN: Terrell Owens and Bill Parcells do talk to each other and it's not all bad.

"He's a guy who's been miserable all week," said receiver Terrell Owens, Romo's top target with nine catches for 107 yards. "I asked him [Parcells] coming off the field on Friday, I asked him how it was going and he said he doesn't like to get his butt kicked. As a team, we're tired of losing, we know we have a decent team. We just have to go out and play like it."

While we're all patting Romo on the back, let's remember that Drew Bledsoe is being the good teammate in all this. It took him a little while to get there, those shots of him on the sideline last Monday weren't very encouraging as he was silent instead of talking to Romo. But that's understandable, he had just been yanked from a game and his career as an active starting QB might've just come to an end. That's a lot to shake off in an instant. But being the class professional he's always been, Bledsoe is doing what he supposed to do. Preparing to play just in case and supporting the starting QB for the good of the team.
"Drew actually came up to me before the game (and) said he was rooting for me," Romo said. "Drew's a really, really class act. He's a very pleasant guy, and I wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for Drew."

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