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Parcells press conference predictions

I will now attempt to paraphrase-predict the upcoming Bill Parcells press conference.

On Tony Romo: I thought he did pretty well for his first time around. Anytime a QB wins on the road in this league is a good thing. He was able to make some plays with his mobility. It was a good start for him. There were some bad things too, but overall he did a good job.

On Tony Romo part 2: I liked his quick release; he got the ball out of there quickly. He seemed to take things in stride; he didn't get rattled out there. He's a young kid, so that was good. I told you guys before the season started I was getting him ready to play, I just didn't know when. He's been in our system going on 4 years, so he should know the offense.

On Tony Romo part 3: Look fellas, let's not put him in Canton just yet. He had some help out there last night. Roy Williams had an interception; Hurd got a turnover on the special teams. The offensive line played pretty well. Those guys over there, Peppers and Rucker, I'd take them on my team any day. So it wasn't all Romo. We we're one Keyshawn Johnson catch from maybe losing that game. Then we'd all be sitting here talking about Tony Romo not getting it done, or Romo this and Romo that. That's how fickle your fate is in football. We got a game on the road in the division next week, we'll see how he does next week.

On Marc Colombo: How do you think he played (back to the reporter)? How many sacks did Pepper's have? (reporter: none)? There, you just answered your own question.

On the offensive line: Overall, it was a better performance this week. But we're still making penalties, that's going to cost us eventually. We got the running game going, so that was a good thing. I thought Julius and Barber both had good games. We got some tough running from Barber there at the end.

On Tyson Thompson: That's a tough break for the kid. He was weapon in the return game, he was getting us good field position. Somebody will just have to step up. I don't know what I'm going to do yet. It's only Monday.

On tugging Terrell Owens' hat: The team was excited, it was a good win. You like to see your team having fun again.

On the play of Owens: I thought he did some good things, he had a good night.

On the play of Owens part 2: We didn't do anything different, that's just how the game unfolded. Tony did a good job of finding him.

On Tony Romo part 4: Like I said last week, now he's down in the pit, where each week you get a thumbs up or down from the crowd. We'll see how that is for him. He's got the pressure now week to week, that's when you find out about a player. It's easy to stand on the sidelines, something you guys know something about (laughter), giving the thumb up or down, but it's a little different down in the pit. We'll see how he handles it.

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