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Thoughts on Romo and the Boys

My brief thoughts on tonight's game and some links to articles.

1.    I was wrong. I supported Drew Bledsoe after the Philly game and that was a mistake. This team has a much better chance of winning with Tony Romo at the helm. So there it is. I've admitted it loud and clear. I also picked the Panthers to win tonight, wrong again. And I couldn't be happier about being wrong. Next week I'm predicting Mark Brunell will play like John Elway and that Dallas will lose by 30 to the Skins.

2.    I have no idea how Romo will play next week, but I got some pretty good indicators. The kid was unflappable back there. The rush didn't bother him, he would either roll out, run, or as the game progressed, coolly move a little to the side and deliver strikes. It was actually very impressive. The penalties didn't seem to rattle him; his interception didn't seem to rattle him. He was Cool Hand Luke.

3.    The Dallas line played better tonight. I don't know how much better because I haven't reviewed the game yet (coming tomorrow), but I didn't see a lot of unblocked Panthers running into the backfield. At least they managed to get bodies in front of people. Once I look at the tape, I'll see how much was the line and how much was Romo. But I know that a lot of it was Romo and that Bledsoe would've failed us in that game.

4.    If you got Terry Glenn in your fantasy leagues - like I do - you might want to consider trading him now. Tony Romo loves him some T.O. and J.W. That would be Jason Witten, of course. It was nice to see our all-star TE back in action, and we also get a smiling T.O. for another week because Romo has no problem feeding the beast.

5.    Julius Jones and Marion Barber are getting it done. Plain and simple. Parcells is working both into the game at just the right mix for maximum effectiveness.

6.    Unless you're Tiki Barber, you probably can't run on the Cowboys.

7.    Steve Smith hates Terence Newman and Keyshawn Johnson had the drop that started the Panthers downfall. Our wide-outs were better.

8.    Oliver Hoyte looked pretty good as a blocking FB. Roy Williams gets another interception. Akin Ayodele and Bradie James were tough in the middle. Greg Ellis can still rush the passer. Sam Hurd made a killer play on special teams.

9.    Did I mention Tony Romo? The kid is alright.

ESPN recap.

ESPN box score

Todd Archer

After the game, right guard Marco Rivera handed the game ball to Romo and coach Bill Parcells gave the players an even bigger present: a day off.
"We haven't been having a lot of fun," Parcells said. "They're having fun right now. That's the thing that I enjoy the most, when I see the faces of those players. I've been in a lot of locker rooms like this one tonight. I've been fortunate. But, hey, we're seven weeks in. I'm not counting any chickens."

Good times. But then I read this:
With the win Romo joined Drew Bledsoe, Drew Henson, Clint Stoerner, Rodney Peete, Jason Garrett, Steve Beuerlein, Kevin Sweeney, Gary Hogaboom, Glenn Carano, Danny White, Clint Longley and Roger Staubach as quarterbacks to win in their Cowboys' debut.

Let's hope he's more Roger Staubach and less Kevin Sweeney (who?). Anyway, for one night, Romo is the king.

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