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MNF open thread - plus Burger King

This is an open thread for the New England/Minnesota Monday night game.

Burger King was on the Romo-bandwagon with Terry from the start. No doubt he liked last night's performance.

The numbers (24 for 36, 270 yards, one touchdown) were good. The nimble presence (he was sacked twice in 76 offensive snaps) against a strong Carolina front in a hostile atmosphere should eliminate any doubt about whether benching Drew Bledsoe was smart -- it wasn't just smart, it was a necessity.

Now, if King could write anything without taking a swipe at Owens, it would be nice.
Romo got Owens involved early, and though I think it's a matter of time before T.O. turns on him the way he's turned on all the other passers he's played with, it was smart to get him nine balls in his first start. The road fun continues for Romo on Sunday in Washington, and you can say one thing for him after Sunday night: He won't be intimidated.

I know he hates him some T.O., but was sliding in that smack at him really necessary?

Here's how the NFC stacks up at this point for teams with non-losing records.

Chicago 7-0
New Orleans 5-2
NY Giants 5-2
Atlanta 5-2  
Minnesota 4-2
Dallas 4-3
Seattle 4-3  
St. Louis 4-3
Philadelphia 4-4
Carolina 4-4

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