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Playoffs? Who's talkin' about playoffs?'s Don Banks likes the Boys now that Romo is in charge.

NFC wild cards

Dallas: The Cowboys are my pick to get hot down the stretch and play the role of dangerous wild-card qualifier, in the mode of Pittsburgh in last year's AFC playoff field. And like the Steelers, Dallas might find itself sitting 7-5 or so before it really starts to make its move. But having three of their last four at Texas Stadium is going to make the difference in December for the Tony Romo-led Cowboys.

Good news for coach Tony Ollison.

Good news from Valley Ranch: Strength and conditioning coach Tony Ollison is back home after spending the night in a Nashville, Tenn., hospital for some abdominal pains.

Ollison was discharged Monday.

Nice, very glad to hear that. It's also been reported that it wasn't heart-related.

A view of Romo from the Washington Post, don't forget, its Redskins Week again.

It wasn't supposed to come to this for the Cowboys, not in a Super Bowl-or-bust season in which they added wide receiver Terrell Owens and tied their fortunes to Drew Bledsoe while crossing their fingers that a sometimes-leaky offensive line could protect its cement-footed quarterback. That's why last week was so trying for Parcells, Jones and others in the organization.

The Cowboys played horribly in a Monday night loss to the New York Giants at Texas Stadium, and Parcells benched Bledsoe after a first half in which he was sacked four times and threw a second-quarter interception at the Giants' goal line. The Cowboys were enamored of Romo, a former undrafted rookie from Eastern Illinois who's in his fourth NFL season.


Romo had thrown three interceptions in his second-half appearance against the Giants, and he got an earful from Parcells on the sideline after his early interception against the Panthers. But he said he reminded himself that he was doing the same things he's used to doing on the practice field, and he relaxed. Still, he knew what was at stake.

"This was big," he said. "We went into this season with a lot of high expectations. We really weren't living up to them. We're still not there yet, what we thought. Hopefully, [Sunday's win] will put us back on the path."

Mickey Spags said on the radio that Aveion Cason came in for a workout. Not a bad idea to check him out. He knows the system somewhat and he does have some quicks, could be the 3rd RB and KR if Skyler Green is still too green.

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