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I've got Philly on my mind

Jaime Aron does it again. His article is another reminder of why I think he is one of the best writers covering the Cowboys. He gets it, and he cuts through the hype to give us good insight.

This is the week the other 52 members of the Dallas Cowboys have been looking forward to all season.

Not because they give a hoot about Terrell Owens going back to Philadelphia - it's because the T.O. story line is all anybody outside the organization cares about.

Contrary to popular belief, when outsiders focus tightly on something, that doesn't mean the same is happening inside the locker room. Truth is, what gets described as a distraction usually is a pleasant diversion to players.

That's certainly the case this week.

Parcells told us last week the Terrell Owens incident wasn't a distraction, and none of the blowhards in the media believed it - except for Jimmy Johnson, a coach who knows something about high-profile teams. The Cowboys promptly went out and destroyed the Titans. Aron explains:
Coach Bill Parcells blows smoke from time to time, but he was telling the truth last week when he said Owens' trip to the emergency room wasn't a distraction. Players not only agreed, they laughed at the question.

Some folks found that hard to believe. However, most fans don't realize the things they discuss, debate and fret over usually are nothing like the things discussed, debated and fretted over by players.

Brian Westbrook is looking at possible surgery on his knee, but that will only happen post-Cowboys game. The consensus is that he will play this week, and then they'll check the knee further.

Again, there's no way Westbrook doesn't try to play against the Cowboys. But after that, if more lengthy rest or an arthroscope can provide more benefit than crossing their fingers every week, wouldn't it make sense to take a loss or two if necessary, and give the offense a fighting chance down the stretch?

"I'm concerned about a knee that constantly swells,'' Bartolozzi said. "That indicates subtle damage to the cartilage or joint lining.''

The Philly fans are getting ready to extend a warm welcome back home to Terrell Owens.

"Ooh, it's going to be bad. I mean bad," the man in the hat said. "There are a bunch of people I know who are dressing up as pills, and their girlfriends are going to be sitting next to them dressed up as nurses."

I could care less about the pills, but women dressed up as nurses are kind of sexy.

Andre Gurode's momma talks about her baby.

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